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Precision Placement

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hey is there anyway to place props with precision. I know the grid snap exists but my objects are always on an angle parallel to my view. Is there anyway to disable this or any tricks for better placement?

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Dunno if this is exactly what you're looking for... but I'll bite. Here are a few tips for PC:
1. Right-clicking while grabbing an object will align the object to whatever floor/ceiling/wall you wish. Great for quick alignments, and you can just adjust slightly for angles.
2. X - align to grid, then a quick Q - E to align it's angle along the grid (based on it's snap angle, default is 15). Adjust when necessary.
3. Reduce movement/view speed on Snapmap properties. Lower = more precise placement.

That's everything on top of my head. Unfortunately I don't know the controls for consoles, so you might wanna google a bit. Have fun :)

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