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What do you want to be improved/added to this DOOM?

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So it's been 6 months since DOOM came out, and it was a rather well received game! But it wasn't perfect, it still has its flaws. What parts of the game would you want to see improved (for a sequel or update), and how would you want to see it improved? This goes for Campign, SnapMap, and the Multiplayer. Also, what features/additions would you want added?

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Better environment art design. Like maybe not have most of the game set in labs and factory's, make it more interesting and varied.

Get rid of the 12 demons limit and reduce the "enter room, room lockdown's, kill all the demons to unlock room" gameplay.

Nerf the plasma rife's shock upgrade or get rid of it entirely. Made the game too easy.

Mod support (Probably the most wanted thing right now)

Get rid of the doors that stops you from backtracking because you forgot a secret or something

If glory kills do return (I hope they do), let us chain them together.

Co-op campaign (not really important, but nice to have)

Environmental destruction. Creatively kill demons with the environment.

Get rid of loadouts for Multiplayer.

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Structurley most of that's not even going to be seriously looked at, I Think it would be a good idea to suggest reasonable and constructive thoughts for this list.

I'd like to see some Deeper Logic for snap map, as were getting very far aesthetically.

For Multi-player PC, I'm happy as is but would like to see a FFA Deathmatch mode with possibly more simpleistic loadouts, and to use other weapons e.g. Rockets buffed and used as map pick ups, Or perhaps a FFA where loadouts are ditched in favor for map pick ups, Just so I can quit hearing people whine about it.

I like the current balance of the Doom Mp.

I'd like to see different play types of arcade mode, Such as tyson, No upgrades, start the map pistol only? Start the map only with what is obtainable from the last map, stuff like that would be cool to see. Or what about insta-gib arcade..? =D (none of these are expectations, just ideas)

I think a lot of players would love to see an Id made survival/wave type gametype in some form. I think that would be great myself.

I'll have to mess with snapmap again to get a deeper perspective on what I feel could be Improved.

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I'd like to see more varied environments. I can't figure out why some of the assets that were used in the newly released MP maps were not seen in the SP campaign. Those new maps are gorgeous!!!


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I don't understand what this fascination is of having multiplayer bots is all about. Isn't it more fun to play against real humans? Someone please enlighten me.

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royaldj said:

I don't understand what this fascination is of having multiplayer bots is all about. Isn't it more fun to play against real humans? Someone please enlighten me.

At the very least, if the MP dies down the line or online support is discontinued you'll at least be able to still play MP even if its just bots. I wish more MP shooters supported bots.

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1) Anti cheat for MP, bots and the possibility of spectating games would be nice.

2) Some sort of Co-op in future campaigns, which I'd happily buy as expansions.

3) Maybe being able to play snap maps using your MP marine? I've been barely playing snap map though, I don't know if there's already an option for that.

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- Player Pain sounds. I love to play without a hud, just get in there and survive,
but without pain sounds that get worse or change the more u get hurt, like
in quake3 for example, it gets harder to detect how u are doing :) also,
they would really add much to the atmosphere while playing singleplayer.

- The plasmagun (PLEASE do it!) I know, I know, we don't wanna go whining about
how the original doom was better and all that, but really, the plasmagun
should get a makeover. Both in volume- and sound design. I like the esthetics
of the current plasmagun, but I don't get a kick out of it, and that's what is
missing here entirely. It can be rougher and tougher without it being overpowered.
(not talking about the upgrades, just basic firepower.)

- I agree with Trycon on the levels in SP. There's so much one can do to make
things more interesting here. Also I agree with the silly demoncap, get rid of it.
I get it this is done for performance, but maybe that adresses a whole different
topic. The engine would have to change I guess. (not an expert here)

- Coop would be awesome.

- Bots would work as mentioned already. It's really hard to get into a MP game
I can only get into games between 6 and 12 in the evening. No one is on seemingly.

- Serverbrowser for MP

- SnapMap entirely. Make it Snapmap 2. When it was introduced, I was psyched,
but then when I tried it, I was dissapointed how limited it was. Even after
they gave us the hell tiles. Not being able to create completely custom
infrastructure and roomdesign was a really big downer. Also being able to
add sounds textures, models, scripts would liven up the place a lot.
I guess I'm going to have to live with it since this is also an Engine topic,
Baked textures, crossplatform stuff, having one simple tool to reach the biggest
audience. I don't feel it, maybe many others do. But from what I have seen and
played what's out there already... mehh... not impressed at all.

All this included, I still love the game, I still play it, but I'm less entangled
than i would be when some of the important features like the modding or MP or coop
experience would have been in there. Doom 2016 is a very decent reboot and could
be an excellent learning experience if they would make another Doom themed game.

edit: oh yeah and the ability to completely switch off storyline and voiceovers during campaign ( for smoothing out replays )

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