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3D Bridge 'Railings' HOM

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I built a vanilla compatible 3D bridge like this

         #         #       
   &     #  @@@@@  #      &
   &     #  @   @  #      &
   &     #  @   @  #      &
   &     #  @@@@@  #      &
         #         #       
# = floating middle texture
@ = self referencing sector 1
& = self refeencing sector 2

The floor of sector 1 moves up and down between 0 and X to serve as the bridge
The ceiling of sector 2 is lowered to X+1
so you can't fall of the bridge, but still walk under it.

Technically it works (you can walk under and over the bridge without a problem),
but in a software renderer (or at least in prboom-plus) you get HOMs on the linedefs of sector 2.

Is there a way to avoid this?

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Posting the map would be helpful.

Unless you've done this before, or are copying a tutorial or something else, your method might be wrong. I've never seen someone using a self-referencing sector to block the player's path off the bridge. I honestly can't think on some other way to do that, but then I've never thought on it before.

Also, you might want to consider using other nodebuilders, as (GZ)Doom Builder default nodebuilder isn't a fan of self-referencing sectors.

It should be in Tools -> Game Configurations -> select your format on the left side, select Nodebuilders on the right. "ZDBSP - Normal (zero reject)" never gave me problems. Good luck.

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Tthank you. I will try a different nodebuilder later.
I will also upload a screenshot and the prolematic map.

I worked according to this tutorial
The blocking linedefs which give me the HOMs are the 'c' linedefs,
which reference a dummy sector outside of the map
with both sides.

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For anyone curious / using the search function:


the problem was eventually solved

by using ZDBSP instead of ZenNode

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