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OPWeapons (current version v40) When balanced weapons just won't do.

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A small bug-fix and a big turret update:


Download: opweapons_v39.pk3


Changes in opweapons_v39.pk3:


 - Fixed a bug in the Megasphere's armor that was just like the spawn armor bug
I fixed in v38, but forgot to also fix this bug then.
 - Made the turrets take 3 seconds to be created.
 - Changed the sounds for turret creation, idle, and pain, and added a see sound
for turrets.
 - Fixed the way turrets shoot so now they shoot more reliably, working much like
the Chaingun Guy, Arachnotron, and Spider Mastermind.
 - Added Rocket Turret. The rockets fly fast, but they do not home.
 - Added Minigun Turret. It shoots faster than Rail Turret, but does not pierce.
 - Lowered carrying capacity for each kind of turret from 4 to 3, but the new
4 kinds * 3 each is more than the old 2 kinds * 4 each.

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Another small bug fix and some look-and-feel polish:


Download: opweapons_v40.pk3


Changes in opweapons_v40.pk3:


 - Fixed a bug that displayed armor bonus icon when you pick up green or blue
armor and you have none already.
 - Changed the sprites for medikit, stim pack, blur sphere (now ghost sphere),
allmap, berserk, and radsuit (now power suit).
(now power suit).
 - Changed the pick-up sounds for health and armor.
 - Made sure all graphic are in PNG format so they won't be messed up by custom
 - Made all hud icon offsets line up right.
 - Sprites and sounds are now (nearly) all included even if unchanged, so other
wads can't mess them up.
 - Got rid of the annoying turret see sound.

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