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Hexen Lore Beta 2.0

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Here is the release of Hexen Lore Beta 2.0


fixed texture in MAP09
changed pot in MAP14 to contain an afrit instead of stalker
Fixed switches to print a message when they open a door in a different map.
changed linedef in MAP10 to repeatable action
fixed mapspot thing tag in MAP16.
fixed linedf action in MAP16 : Door will no longer close behind you in the star room.
added more blue and green mana to MAP19
changed zekek action to print statement
changed mana Z height in MAP22
added player co-op starts to MAP19

This is why I'm better at mapping than I am at scripting or puzzle planning.

Fixed linedef in MAP08
Added a lot more mana to maps
auto aligned textures in all maps

My last mod was an embarrassment to all hexen fans.
I apologize for the crappy mod.

So trash those old versions and play Hexen Lore Beta 2.0

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