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Looking for coop players to complete all DOOMs :)

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Playing on Zandorum 2.1.2, I´m looking for 1-2 player who has intrest and motivation to complete all Dooms. We could play few evenings a week, 1-2 hours session. I´m not very skilled (I suck on DM), and I like classic movements - no mouse. I also would like to play in cooperating, meaning like to go through together and not run alone in a level. If you share my ideas, please contact. Best way to communicate with me is via Facebook. Don´t add me as a friend, just leave a message.


Or you can leave comment here and we can work something out..

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Shooting games increase brain power, if you like shooting games, Doom latest version that is strategically oriented would be best to invest your money in. There are lots of exciting changes in the latest version of the Doom Kaufen game that is shown in the demo videos, these changes bring various advantages that puts everyone participating in the new organized playing field.

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