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Multiplayer maps appreciation

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Anyone else think those are really cool? Doom 3 multiplayer is a wasted opportunity for the most part but the maps are very nice IMO. So many little details, traps, switches, dark hiding spots and other cool gimmicks. IMO 4 player limit is ideal for them. Alas, high players running speed and the fact that they do not slow down as you hit them, are more suited for Arena style gameplay with bigger, more open maps. Also machinegun loadout in Ressurection of Evil is a huge improvement for Doom 3 multiplayer but new maps are not as good as original ones.

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I like the MP maps as well, Tomiko Reactor and that The Edge inspired map are cool setpieces. Though I have to admit I never really played them against online opponents.

That hell themed MP map in RoE also looks great.

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