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So apparently there's a status bar cd icon as well as floppy?

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The retail CD versions of the DOOM games include an unpacked copy of the game that could be played directly off the CD-ROM, in case you didn't have enough drive space to actually install it to your hard drive (remember when that was a thing?). The games would be launched with a -cdrom command line parameter, which is what turns this behavior on. It also causes save games to be written to the C:\DOOMDATA directory, in case you ever wondered why that folder exists after you run the DOS DOOM executables.

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I remember seeing the floppy disk icon while a level was loading, but I haven't seen it for a long time. I assume it either doesn't exist in modern ports, or today's computers load Doom so fast that it doesn't have a chance to appear.

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I remember seeing that CD icon and being weirded out by it, since I had only ever seen the floppy in the past. I always like that little loading icon though, and I do miss seeing it when I play Doom nowadays.

Quasar said:


Oh god...I'll never forget randomly finding porn, of all things, in that folder on my brother's computer when I was like 9. GOOD brother.

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