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[WIP] Super Slug VI: Full Metal Racket [ZDoom]

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I've been working on this map for Doom II in UDMF sporadically in my free time over the past few months. It isn't the sixth of anything, I just thought it was a fun title. This map is for those still hung up on the tech base aesthetic. It's basically a water powered base built underground, but has partially collapsed due to the machines turning the water into toxic waste.

Full Metal Racket

I wanted to make it reasonably difficult, but it's hard to gauge the difficulty when you know where everything is. There are secrets here and there designed to make it a little easier, and a few shortcuts are available to clear a room before you actually enter it. I also made the music (Patch93's SC-55 soundfont or an actual Roland Sound Canvas are recommended) and I'm interested in feedback and suggestions if you'd like to give it a try. Things like difficulty and monster/item placement as well as the overall flow and fun factor. Thanks for checking it out and I hope you like it!

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Played the map, I think you'd better to write in the op that the map it's for Doom 2 and that it requires ZDoom. It's a pretty cool Doom 1 level with some touches of Doom 2, I really enjoyed it. The music was fitting for the action, though at first it seemed a bit chaotic. I think that the cells near the spiderdemon can be removed, they don't seem necessary. I guess that the sector 250 needs to have the sky as ceiling. Otherwise it seems that the map is fine.

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Info added, thanks for the feedback! The cells are a hint for a relevant secret in the area, and thanks for having a good eye for the wrong texture, it can sometimes be easy to miss for me. Thanks again! I've also updated the op to be more informative and descriptive.

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