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What are your favorite penultimate levels in doom 2 megawads.

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Right now I can think of only one, map29 of Community Chest 3: "For We Are Many", featuring atmosphere-enhancing music from ROTT "Mist Ache". Still remember how I felt like playing it, even it was more than a decade ago. :)

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On 11/13/2016 at 7:21 PM, Magicana said:

Map 29 in Plutonia 2 stands out for me.


I stand by this, but I'd like to add Sunlust and Scythe to the list.

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Only one I can think of at the moment is Elysium from Eviternity.

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Odyssey of noises from plutonia

hellwalker from urania

the mortal coil from D2TWID



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Community Chest 2-4. Instant winners. The first Community Chest's penultimate level is good and all, but jeez. How long does it need to be?!

Deus Vult II technically has one since Map30 is merely a quick level.


The fact you get all of the first Deus Vult in that level is so neat. And you can actually choose to play it too. As with Huay Pham's humor, it goes very well with choosing it.


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Posted (edited)

Odyssey of Noises - The Plutonia Experiment. Very clean city level that does minimalism quite well. Lots of fun to explore.
Ticket To Eternity - Plutonia 2. A nice continuation of the first Plutonia's penultimate map with greater complexity and enemy encounters. Also does exploration quite well.
River Styx - TNT: Evilution. Journey through caves and rivers of blood to reach a hellish marble fortress. It almost feels like a map that could have influenced Alien Vendetta in some way with having those little sequences where you're fighting your way to some fortress a la Beast Island, Nemesis etc. I also love the music choice like a build-up to the end of your long adventure.
Brutality - Icarus: Alien Vanguard. Very clever map with a crazy MIDI track that gets the player pumped for the action. Lots of little ideas on display, and I like being able to telefrag the cyberdemon near the exit area.
Hell On Earth - Scythe. This was a nice surprise for a megawad of mostly tiny action affairs. The bridged cityscape with cyberdemons and other lurking monstrosities really made this map stand out.

Kings of Metal - Memento Mori II. Not the typical penultimate map in size but it does monster encounters very well. Great music track from Mark Klem.

Dominion - Eternal Doom. Really the whole experience of Eternal Doom for me is breathtaking. Lots of exploration and secrets to be discovered, although the MIDI can be a bit repetitive.

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Posted (edited)

1. Community Chest 3 - For We Are Many



2. 1994 Tune Up - Castle Invaded By Hell



3. Japanese Community Project - Hazmat whateveritscalled



4. Plutonia 2 - Ticket to Eternity



5. 1024 Claustrophobia 2 - Taggart Sails to Orion



6. Hadephobia - Dead Planet



7. Speed of Doom - Ruins of Kalnik



8. Scythe - Hell On Earth



9. Plutonia - Oddesey of Noises



10. Doom Core - This PL1MAP28 clone


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Elysium from Eviternity - i love so much the heaven theme in doom <3

River Styx from Tnt - accomplish the objetive of make feel the last times of the wad

Red shift from Valiant - lovely the architecture 

The Ones Behind It All from Ancient Aliens - well, is the final level :P


i only think in that levels

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Most of them have already been mentioned, but I will add: "Chocolate Pain" from Slaughterfest 2011, and "Escaping the Spiral Labyrinth" from Slaughterfest 3.

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