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Legality of E3 demo

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Can someone tell me if the E3 demo in public is considered warez or not? I'd like to know before making an administrative decision on the Doomworld Facebook group of modifying the post with a link in it.

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Doom 3 FAQ said:
I heard there was an alpha version of the game or something like that floating around.
Yes, there is a leaked alpha version of Doom 3 floating around the Internet. Do not ask for it. Requesting or linking to the alpha is your ticket to an instant ban. We urge you to report any offending posts to the staff the second you see them.

Note: This includes the so-called "Trent Reznor Sound Pack", which uses resources from the alpha.

Discussion about the alpha is not an offense in itself.

What about that leaked footage I heard about a long time ago?
There are unauthorized videos of Doom 3 floating around the Internet, but we can't tell you where to get them since id Software doesn't want them spread.

Seems like it is warez.

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If it is, I've took action and cleared it off the group page.

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Speaking of the E3 demo, has anyone ever taken the time to delve more deeply into its resources? And has anything interesting been found?

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