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Bread Knight


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ok so ive been workin on this wad for like 4 days or so. ive never touched gzdoom builder, but this is what ive got so far. this is in no way finished but i really hope to continue makin it! and if you got any things you dislike or find weird pleas do tell me.(btw monsters and stuff are prolly not there.but the map is beatable)

but thats all about my wad and stuff.

HERE'S THE WAD https://www.mediafire.com/?gg8edzs5vaqqgmu hope you enjoy


more will be comin soon

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Some screenshots would indicate to people if it is worth downloading or not. :)

Upload a few screenshots to a site such as imgur.com and embed them in "img tags" here on the forums.

Screenshots help people judge if it's worth their time to download the wad; people here take a 'no screenshots, no download' stance, so it's really worth it. This is especially true in your case - a new mapper with an unfinished level.

Good luck, and welcome to the Doom community.

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