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Can't find exit on DOOM E3M9

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Until you reach what you think is the exit, this map is an exact copy of Hell's Keep. As soon as you walk into the exit, everything changes. The first thing you'll notice is the wall right behind the exit dropping, revealing your favorite pal, the Cyberdemon. Now, go back the way you came, and you will notice all kinds of changes. Make sure to explore everywhere, even in the blood pit where you ran across the sinking bridge. When you make your way back to the open area where you started from, you'll notice something off to your left. When you get there, you will be...nah. I won't spoil that, but I will tell you that you will find the red key. The actual exit is right next to the switch that closes the front door.

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Yeah, like Ichor said, this level is an exact copy of E3M1-until you step into the teleport that ends E3M1. After you do that, the red brick wall lowers down, and reveals a small arena with your buddy the CyberDemon. I normally just run past him, grab the blue key, the Invulnerability Sphere, and the Rocket Launcher. After that, head back out to the starting area. If you look to your left, you'll notice that a section of wall has opened up. Head over to the hole in the wall, and you'll be teleported to a odd-looking, dark place. There are three Cacos in front of you. The Invuln. should be there, so just blast your way through them and head over to the left. Grab the red key and haul ass straight ahead, to the left and then you're out of there. The red door (which is next to the switch that lowers the front door of the level) opens up to reveal the teleport exit.

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