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Fixed prob, Gzdoom 2.2, BD v20b error

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If you try to load BD v20b with Gzdoom 2.2 you get some sort of error with "got "" but instead got I"

(SLADE) On line 610 and 633 of BLOOD.txt you will find

line 610| BPDL AAAAAAAAA 1 A_FadeOut(0.I) <-- SLADE text, looks like 1 on SLADE
BPDL AAAAAAAAA 1 A_FadeOut(0.1) <-- fixed text

Line 633| BPDL AAAAAAAAA 1 A_FadeOut(0.I) <-- SLADE text
BPDL AAAAAAAAA 1 A_FadeOut(0.1) <-- Fixed text

Hopefully this helps some people and if it doesn't work, DONT ASK ME FOR QUESTIONS cuz I prob don't have a fucking clue xD

Want to make a quick shout out to "Graf Zahl" who told me about the first problem on line 610 while by myself I actually figured out the prob on line 633 which was the same deal, lol xD

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