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The Ultimate DooMer

The Crystal Maze (GZDoom edition)

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You'll be surprised to hear that I've been secretly working on a mapset (well, 1 big map divided into 4) over these past few months. So, without further ado:

What is The Crystal Maze?

A quirky British TV gameshow from the early 90's, based around a series of bite-sized challenges against the clock. A description is here. You can also find all the episodes on youtube, the very first one is here. (it will look a bit cheesy nowadays, but it was legendary back then :P)

The text file has a description of how to play, including the differences between the original show and this Doom version of it.

I did recreate the maze in Fragport back in 2000...but the show was revived this year in the form of a live attraction in London (which is totally awesome) and that inspired me to recreate it again. So it doesn't mean I'm out of retirement, this is just something I had to get out of my system :P

And while that version was done from memory using vanilla limits...this version has no limits. I studied the footage to recreate the layout as precisely as I could (but with 2 extra rooms and a prison), including the show's finale and the notoriously bad prizes. (and with GZDoom I could make things work as close to the original show as possible)

What will I be doing if I have a go?

The games inside cover a wide variety of challenges:

Physical games are about killing monsters - you'll get 3 weapons and some armour, more health/ammo can be found inside.
Mental games are about puzzle solving, some based on those in real-life while others are more Doom-related.
Skill games are about movement, dodging and shooting. (of various flavours, old and new)
Mystery games can be anything at all, but often involve navigation or exploration.

Unlike both the original show and the vanilla remake, this version has difficulty settings - so everyone should be catered for:

If you're not very good with puzzles etc. or you think you might struggle, go with Beginner.
If you're a bit more confident with these kind of challenges, go with Intermediate.
If you've played it a few times and know enough to push further, go with Advanced.

The 12 games from the vanilla version have been recreated with improvements, and 20 new ones have been added (so 32 in total, meaning half will be played each run). 4-player co-op is also supported, but is untested. (it will work like the show though, with 1 player in a game and the others watching)

So where do I get this Doom-ified TV show?


(GZDoom required, tested with official 2.2.0)

Click here for screenies.

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Updated with a few changes, mainly adding quick exits to a few games (so it's easier to come out), adding an extra-hard-difficulty patch wad (it was getting too easy for me to play) and rearranging stuff into a pk3. (dunno why I didn't do it before)

No screaming contestants telling me what to do or "get out getout!". I approve! :D

Well, the game does tell you to "get the crystal!" and "come out!" (how can you miss out those classics) but that's it :P

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This is neat! Wish i'd checked it out earlier. Must-see for anyone who watched this back in the day.

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Kind of a bit new to the whole modding thing but I AM finding it pretty cool! My first mod that I've played is Brutal DOOM v21 beta (yes...I am THAT new! XD). Recently downloaded The Crystal Maze out of curiosity, having seen a few episodes online (and wishing us yanks had gotten it) and I do like it...however, I feel that the time limits, even on Beginner, are just TOO stringent for those of us just learning these puzzles. I know that they fall in line with what the show had but the show also had small puzzle rooms with generally pretty easy puzzles to sort out and 2:30 to 3:00 was PLENTY of time to work those out...this mod has HUGE puzzle rooms with sometimes VERY hard-to-find solutions.


Point is this...is there ANY way one could kinda modify the mod and get some extra time set so the puzzles are a bit more reasonable to solve? Just kinda want a sporting chance, ya know? :)

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