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If you had to cut [insert megawad here] in half.

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A while back, yakfak started this thread for Doom II. I personally think the megawad format lends itself naturally to filler, and in most cases these mapsets would be stronger with fewer maps, and with the effort spent on them repurposed to strengthening the existing maps or working on a new set entirely. 32 -> 9 is more compression than ideal in most cases so we'll try 32 -> 16 (or x -> x/2 obviously). I'm curious about what people would come up with for various megawads, from the iconic to the completely unheard of. Go!

Edit: I changed the premise because 32 -> 9 is a bit too short.

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Obvious TNT suggestions... can't stretch it to 16 though.

M1 - Power Control
M2 - Prison
M3 - Stronghold
M4 - Storage Facility
M5 - Nukage Processing
M6 - Dead Zone
M7 - Mill
M8 - Heck
M9 - Pharaoh (Secret)

and Plutonia:

M1 - Caged
M2 - Baron's Lair
M3 - Caughtyard
M4 - Realm
M5 - Abbatoire
M6 - The Omen
M7 - Onslaught
M8 - Hunted
M9 - Impossible Mission
M10 - Slayer
M11 - The Twilight
M12 - Speed
M13 - The Final Frontier
M14 - Tombstone
M15 - Odyssey of Noises
M16 - Go 2 It (secret)

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MAP01 - "short and pointless" but too iconic for me to remove
MAP02 - "short and pointless" but too iconic for me to remove
MAP03 - maybe the best thing Iikka Keranen made for Requiem
MAP04 - very strong; absolutely has to stay
MAP05 - very strong; absolutely has to stay
MAP06 - very strong; absolutely has to stay
MAP07 (I kinda like it but obviously it gets cut)
MAP08 - strong cinematic quality, Requiem wouldn't be the same without this one
MAP09 - high quality classic level
MAP10 (doesn't quite belong to Requiem aesthetics-wise; some weird tedious moments)
MAP11 (sorry, good one but there just isn't enough space)
MAP12 - fun long adventure
MAP13 - problematic gameplay but incredible mood
MAP14 (not a fan of all these corridors; too simple)
MAP15 - the use of rectangles and stuff is rather excessive but it's grand and memorable
MAP31 - simple but works well enough as a secret map; the 3D floor trick alone is ming-boggling
MAP32 (the only memorable part is the "rest in pain" grave)
MAP16 (it's like a worse and longer version of 03, although technically more impressive maybe)
MAP17 - high quality classic level
MAP18 (kinda cramped, nothing really catches your imagination)
MAP19 (hardworked visuals and some curious situations but I would rather sacrifice this one than 8 or 15)
MAP20 (I actually enjoy this one but obviously this is the kind of map that has to go first)
MAP21 - probably many people would remove it but I applaud the author for creativity and a sense of wonder
MAP22 (too much realism damaged the gameplay; feels more like a mapping trick showcase)
MAP23 (this hardcore gameplay doesn't fit Requiem I think; never liked the visuals either)
MAP24 - one of the essential Requiem levels due to its artistic visuals
MAP25 (same thoughts as in 20)
MAP26 (very basic filler)
MAP27 (honestly, who wants to play this?)
MAP28 (I don't know, never felt this one; too many rectangles in architecture?)
MAP29 - fun long adventure
MAP30 (not the worst Icon of Sin map but still an Icon of Sin map)

As you can see, I like the first half of the wad a looot more. Leaving 01 and 02 is probably the most controversial decision on this list, but the nostalgic factor is just too strong for me I guess.

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Alien Vendetta:

Map 01: Rusty Rage (previously map 02)
Map 02: Seclusion (previously map 04)
Map 03: Crimson Tide (previously map 05)
Map 04: Hillside Siege (previously map 06)
Map 05: Beast Island (previously map 08) (this is a tough call, and the last one I decided makes the cut; I'd be tempted to replace this with "Fire Walk With Me")
Map 06: Castle Gardens (previously map 09)
Map 07: Toxic Touch (previously map 10)
Map 08: Suicidal Tendencies (previously map 13)
Map 09: Overwhelming Odds (previously map 14)
Map 10: Mutual Destruction (previously map 16)
Map 11: Nukefall (previously map 18) (screw the haters!)
Map 12: Lake Poison (previously map 19)
Map 13: Clandestine Complex (previously map 24, I think?)
Map 14: Dark Dome (previously map 26)
Map 15: Stench of Evil (previously map 27)
Map 31: No Guts, No Glory (previously map 32)

EDIT: For a bonus, how about one-episode Hell Revealed?

Map 01: City in the Clouds
Map 02: The Path
Map 03: The Black Towers
Map 04: Resistance is Futile
Map 05: Ascending to the Stars
Map 06: Post-Mortem
Map 07: Dead Progressive
Map 08: Afterlife
Secret: Mostly Harmful

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Maybe not "cut in half", but I think a simplified/shrunk version of Eternal Doom designed specifically for coop compatibility would be wonderful, as I like its atmosphere but its too big, and for coop its even worse. map02 anyone?

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Hell Revealed (I wouldn't care what the haters would say)

Map01: The Garden Terminal
Map02: The Round Crossroads
Map03: Knockout
Map04: Chambers of War
Map05: Underground Base
Map06: Last Look at Eden
Map07: City in the Clouds
Map08: Gates to Hell
Map09: The Path
Map10: The Black Towers
Map11: Resistance is Futile
Map12: Ascending to the Stars
Map13: Post Mortem
Map14: Dead Progressive
Map15: Afterlife
Map16: Mostly Harmful (secret)

Memfis said:

MAP23 (this hardcore gameplay doesn't fit Requiem I think; never liked the visuals either)

Are you kidding? Hatred was one of the strongest maps Requiem has to offer, especially since it's by Dario Casali. I will admit, though, that not all Casali maps can be singers, because Plutonia's Hunted, in my opinion, is absolute garbage.

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In 20 years of Dooming I've only beaten the following 30+ map sets in SP, the 'intended' way: The iwads (duh), Memento Mori 1, Alien Vendetta, Hell Revealed and Scythe 1, so truth be told my answer would be "most megawads are too damn long, even the good ones". Really though, culling maps seems almost like a sin in a way unless they're just flat-out trash.

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I think this list includes every megawad where I've played all 32 of it's maps.

Icarus: Alien Vanguard


Map 01: Shuttlecraft
Map 02: Engineering
Map 03: P.E.T. Rescue
Map 04: Donnybrook
Map 05: Feeding Frenzy
Map 06: Hydroponics
Map 07: Fortress Of Evil
Map 08: Bootcamp
Map 09: Bloodbath
Map 10: Blessed are the Quick
Map 11: WarTemple
Map 12: Engine Core
Map 13: Painful Discharge
Map 14: Another Fine Mess
Map 15: Weapons Bay
Map 16: Prestidigitation

TNT Evilution

Map 01: System Control
Map 02: Human BBQ
Map 03: Power Control
Map 04: Hanger
Map 05: Open Season
Map 06: Prison
Map 07: Stronghold
Map 08: Redemption
Map 09: Storage Facility
Map 10: Nukage Processing
Map 11: Steel Works
Map 12: Dead Zone
Map 13: Processing Area
Map 14: Central Processing
Map 15: Lunar Mining Project
Map 16: Ballistyx

Perdition's Gate

Map 01: UAC Main Lobby, Shipping and Receiving/Main Gate
Map 02: UAC Executive Areas, Interlock
Map 03: UAC Executive Areas, Recreation Area/Yard
Map 04: UAC Executive Areas, Storage Area
Map 05: Executive Areas, Sub-Basement Entry
Map 06: Sub-Basement, Waste Areas
Map 07: UAC Nukage Areas, Nukage Monitor/Flow Control Facility
Map 08: UAC Nukage Areas, Waste Tunnels/Drainage Tunnels
Map 09: UAC Secret Teleporter Lab
Map 10: Distant Worlds
Map 11: Teleporter Central
Map 12: Closer to Hell
Map 13: Hell's Gate
Map 14: The Blood Tunnels
Map 15: Hell's Masterpiece
Map 16: High-Tech Hades

Zone 300

Map 01: Control Facility
Map 02: The Alleyway
Map 03: Canyon Hub
Map 04: Cargo Bay
Map 05: Trouble Town
Map 06: The Invasion
Map 07: Dungeon of Inferno
Map 08: Cavern of the Evil Spirit
Map 09: Dissect

Doom 2 The Way ID Did

Map 01: The Compound
Map 02: The Terminal
Map 03: Counterpoint
Map 04: Quarantine
Map 05: Reservoirs
Map 06: The Shipyard
Map 07: The Wharf
Map 08: The Causeway
Map 09: Cul-de-sac
Map 10: The Sanctuary
Map 11: Bedlam
Map 12: Leap Of Faith
Map 13: Passage to Exile
Map 14: Dead Sea
Map 15: Damned Strait!
Map 16: The Mortal Coil

Nova: The birth

Map 01: Outpost
Map 02: Administration Center
Map 03: Water Treatment Plant
Map 04: Factory Factor
Map 05: Hazard Facility
Map 06: Sewage Processing
Map 07: Suspend
Map 08: Hell's Furnace
Map 09: Incubator
Map 10: The Prisoner
Map 11: Sewer City
Map 12: Power Core
Map 13: Immaterium
Map 14: Ring of Gyges
Map 15: Vile Arterium
Map 16: Extorta Nova

Doon 2 In Name Only

Map 01: Entryway
Map 02: Underhalls
Map 03: The Gantlet
Map 04: The Pit
Map 05: Circle Of Death
Map 06: The Factory
Map 07: The Inmost Dens
Map 08: Suburbs
Map 09: The Courtyard
Map 10: The Citadel
Map 11: Gotcha!
Map 12: Nirvana
Map 13: The Spirit World
Map 14: The Living End
Map 15: Wofenstein
Map 16: Grosse

Nova 2: New Dawn

Map 01: Panic Station
Map 02: Rocky Rooftops
Map 03: Deep Water
Map 04: Broken Outpost
Map 05: Water Maim
Map 06: Dry Well
Map 07: Husk of What Once Was
Map 08: Analyzing the Cause
Map 09: Hop 2 It
Map 10: Purification Plant
Map 11: Crumbling Necropolis
Map 12: Red Morning Light
Map 13: Monument to Thieves
Map 14: Red Gas Circle
Map 15: The Descent
Map 16: Legion

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From Hell Revealed, I would leave MAP01-MAP14 intact, with MAP14 as the Grand Finale. I know there are some weak maps in between and some OK maps later, but I just couldn't resist it :) Would the WAD achieve its cult status then? One thing for sure, I would rate it much higher than I do.

PD Maybe MAP26 as a secret map, I don't like it, but somehow I appreciate it.

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Doom 2.

1 Entryway
2 Underhalls
3 The gauntlet
4 The focus
5 The waste tunnels
6 The crusher
7 Dead simple

8 Circle of death/O' of destruction (11)
9 Downtown (13)
10 The inmost dens (14)
11 Industrial zone (15)
12 The courtyard (18)
13 Gotcha! (20)


14 The living end (29)
15 Icon of sin (30)

Secret level

16 Grosse (32)


1 Well of souls (2)
2 Caged (4)
3 Ghost town (5)
4 Abattoire (9)
5 Onslaught (10)
6 Hunted (11)

7 Speed (12)
8 The crypt (13)
9 Genesis (14)
10 The omen (16)
11 Neurosphere (18)
12 The death domain (20)

Devil hive
13 Slayer (21)
14 Odyssey of noises (29)
15 Cyberden (31)

Secret level

16 Go 2 it (32)

TNT : Evilution

Experimental labs
1 System control
2 Power control (3)
3 Open season (6)

Military base
4 Stronghold (9)
5 Redemption (10)
6 Storage facility (11)

7 Nukage processing (13)
8 Steel works (14)
9 Dead zone (15)
10 Processing area (17)
11 Shipping/Respawning (19)

12 Lunar mining project (23)
13 Quarry (24)
14 River styx (29)
15 Caribbean (32)

Secret level

16 Wormhole (4)

Going down

Outer structure
1 Going up
2 Evil admin
3 Blood and rockets (4)
4 Painframe (6)

Underground floors
5 Trip switch (10)
6 Deep trouble (13)
7 Gladiator (15)
8 Rest in pieces (17)
9 Buried alive (18)
10 200 mega hurts (20)

11 The mouth of madness (20)
12 Indigestion (21)
13 Constipation station (22)
14 Bridge of blood (24)
15 Demolition (29)

Secret level

16 Insanity (26)

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Back to Saturn X, Episode I.

If we're just trying to cut it down to either 13 or 12 maps from 25 (24 regular +1 secret), depending on whether you want to round up or down, I'd say:

MAP08, MAP16, and MAP23, the episode hubs, are the obvious ones to ditch as part of reducing the map count, bringing us down from 25 to 22. We have to lose another 9 or 10, so of the remainder...

MAP01: I'm a little torn because it's a purpose-built introductory map that puts the WAD's themes and quirks front and centre, but with a good chunk of the map being quite deserted and another part of it serving to introduce the episode hub station area, I think this is the "maybe" map that can be retained in a 13-map BTSX E1 but ditched in the 12-map version.
MAP02: Sandwiched between MAP01 and MAP03 this one feels a bit too much like a conventional Doom level and doesn't really advertise the WAD's strengths and distinctive style. I'm going to say let's drop it.
MAP03: Compact and relatively easygoing, I think this works well as MAP02 of a 13-map BTSX E1 or as a short, sweet MAP01 of a 12-map version.
MAP04: This one doesn't stick out in my mind as doing anything that's particularly memorable for the right reasons, compared to all the other good levels on display here, so it's one of the ones I think can be sacrificed.
MAP05: In its layout and feel this one is just to different to really have a place in a version of the WAD that's been boiled down to its core components.
MAP06: Keep. This has long been one of my favourites from the first hub of the WAD.
MAP07: I feel this one relies pretty heavily on its signature gimmick of "spiders everywhere" and doesn't compare favourably to many of the other maps here in its gameplay outside of that. So, let's be brutal and drop it.
MAP09: I don't think this one makes the cut. It's inoffensive but just doesn't engage me as much as the rest of the levels on offer here.
MAP10: Keep. Solid gameplay that very much typifies the style of the WAD.
MAP11: I think this one can go. Of the levels in BTSX E1's middle hub I find it to be one of the least memorable.
MAP12: Keep. Big and sprawling, with a delightful display of environmental variety without sacrificing consistency of theme.
MAP13: Keep. In a WAD that's basically made of tough, chunky techbases, this one manages to stand out in my memory. It's good stuff.
MAP14: Keep. Provides a transitional contrast between MAP13's arrangement of subsections around a central open space or void, and MAP15's interwoven, multi-layered intricacy.
MAP15: Keep, though since this project is going to end on MAP12 or MAP13, this one requires modification to remove the secret exit and those areas necessary to access it.
MAP17: Keep. I think this makes some of the best use of liquids and outdoor areas in the WAD without straying too far from the theme.
MAP18: Keep. As with MAP10 I feel this one typifies the WAD's overall style and theme, and it's big and tough enough to serve that role well in this later position in the mapset.
MAP19: Drop it. As with MAP05 this one doesn't seem to fit well enough into the flow and feel of the other levels to justify its inclusion in this brutally abbreviated version of the project.
MAP20: Keep. One of the WAD's most atmospheric maps that presents its own distinctive twists on the overall aesthetic.
MAP21: Keep. Provides a nice transition between MAP20's unique interpretation of the WAD's theme, and MAP22 which is shaping up to be the final map.
MAP22: Keep. It's a tough, twisty map that carries on the best of the WAD's themes and functions perfectly well as a conclusion.
MAP24: At the risk of courting controversy, ditch. The early portions aren't, in my opinion, among the stronger of the WAD's offerings, and the later portions diverge so utterly in theme from the other levels up to this point that I feel this is one of the more readily discarded maps in the set.
MAP32: At 12 or 13 maps the truncated WAD isn't going to give players an opportunity to reach its secret level, and this one is different enough in its gameplay from the rest of the WAD that I don't think it fits neatly into the regular sequence anywhere. So, drop it.

So assuming we're going for a 12-map version of the WAD, it shapes up as:
MAP01: The Room Taking Shape
MAP02: Mix Up The Satellite
MAP03: A Proud and Booming Industry
MAP04: Underground Initiations
MAP05: I'll Replace You With Machines
MAP06: Big Chief Chinese Restaurant
MAP07: Tricylic Looper
MAP08: Navigating Flood Regions
MAP09: Cyclone Utilities (Remember Your Birthday)
MAP10: U.S. Mustard Company
MAP11: Failed Experiments and Trashed Aircraft
MAP12: Gonna Never Have To Die
(If we're going for a 13-map version, insert Back to Saturn X Radio Report as MAP01 and advance all the other map slots by one.)

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Mars War. It starts out strong with the techbase on Mars levels (1-6), but once map 7 begins, it goes downhill from there. My map list would be like this:


-Map 1: Terraforming Station
-Map 2: Theta Base
-Map 3: Manufacturing Plant
-Map 4: Alpha Base
-Map 5: Crash Sight
-Map 6: Beta Base
-Map 10: Transport Ship
-Map 11: Drop Ship
-Map 12: Operations
-Map 13: Warehouse
-Map 31: Wolfenstein
-Map 32: Hell Labs
-Map 16: Enlightenment
-Map 17: Commercial Sector
-Map 23: The Gates of Hell
-Map 24: 83' E
-Map 25: 1984
-Map 29: Choices
-Map 30: Icon of Sin (formerly Heart of Evil)

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Research labs
1 Back to saturn x radio report
2 The room taking shape (3)
3 Total exposure (5)

Military links
4 Metal mothers (7)
5 A proud and booming industry (10)

Construction sites
6 Underground initiations (12)
7 I'll replace you with machines (13)
8 Big chief chinese restaurant (14)
9 Cyclone utilties (remember your birthday) [18]
10 U.S mustard company (20)
11 Tricyclic looper (15)

12 Failed experiments and crashed aircraft (21)
13 Gonna never have to die (22)
14 Tough skin river (24)

Ending (doesn't count as a map really)
The unsinkable fats domino (25)

Secret levels
15 Bingo pool hall of blood (19)
16 The hard way (31)

Heroes 2

E1 (ruins)

E2 (tech)

E3 (hell)


E1 (tech)
1 Get going
2 Up and around (3)
3 Slimy tunnels (6)
4 Garden base (8)
5 AD (19)

E2 (Ruins)
6 Walk in the park (12)
7 Burial grounds (16)
8 Sneak peak (11)
9 Dunno torn (31)
10 The lords (10)

E3 (hell)
11 Solitude (21)
12 Anger (23)
13 Hatred (24)
14 Envy (25)
15 Fear (26)

Secret map
16 Hell on earth (29)

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TNT: Evilution
Map 1: System Control (because of the berserk start, if anything. It is iconic)
Map 2: Power Control (not too long and actually looks like a power station)
Map 3: Wormhole (if only because of its 'extra dimension' gimmick)
Map 4: Open Season (because it gets more and more crazy as you progress, but not to Prison's, Metal's or Stronghold's levels, counting from among the early TNT's maps)

Military base
Map 5: Lunar Mining Project (way too easy to be a last-quarter-of-the-wad map)
Map 6: Habitat (similar case as for the above, and I like the tunnels section)
Map 7: Storage Facility (the warehouse is quite difficult to traverse if you do not want to get yourself blindsided)

Map 8: Crater (because it is spacious and has some intense moments, but is not too ridiculous with them - vide Mount Pain)
Map 9: Dead Zone (a must have. IMO the most fun map in TNT. Open-ended freeroam battles are always great)
Map 16: Pharaoh (Secret Level) (I think its progression is more interesting that in Caribbean. Also, it looks better)
Map 11: Central Processing (it is the longest one, which fits as a proper challenge to have before boarding the demons' ship)

Demon ship
Map 12: Ballistyx (tricky enough to be that far in the wad)
Map 13: Deepest Reaches (unparalleled atmosphere from all of the TNT)
Map 13: Baron's Den (another trap-infested map that is the staple of the hellish levels)
Map 14: River Styx (the flow of this map reminds me of Spawning Vats, which is an accomplishment in itself)
Map 15: Last Call (well, it has to end somehow, so better to have Icon of Sin than not in the final map)

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Doom 64

Map 01: Staging Area
Map 02: The Terraformer
Map 03: Holding Area
Map 04: Outpost Omega
Map 05: Alpha Quadrant
Map 06: Altar of Pain
Map 07: The Lair
Map 08: Dark Citadel
Map 09: Watch Your Step
Map 10: Spawned Fear
Map 11: In The Void
Map 12: Breakdown
Map 13: Burnt Offerings
Map 14: Pitfalls
Map 15: Unholy Temple
Map 16: The Absolution

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