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Random Megalyth Map Drop

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I've archived a map for any interested. I know it will come through in a future Newstuff, but I haven't released a map in a while, so I'm eager to know what everyone thinks of it, and I'm jumping the gun. It was made for Rayzik's birthday in 2014, but it's been substantially expanded and modified since then. I had testing help from Marcaek, 40oz, Dobu, and Rayzik himself.

Doom2, map01, limit removing.



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I was planning on recording a UV-max for this map, but unfortunately that isn't going to work:

Chaingunner t.393 can't teleport because the sector it's supposed to go to has no teleport destination. Revenants t.280 and t.373 are stuck in their teleport cubbies. Also W1 Teleport lines are used in certain cubbies, so monsters fail to ever teleport if their spot is blocked when they happen to cross the teleport lines. This would prevent the approach of setting as much as possible loose at once, but even still, a few imps are destined never to teleport regardless, because one of the monster closet denizens will always teleport into their spot right before them.

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