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[not intended?] sound id 0

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For some stuff, like polyobjects, you can define a sound sequence that plays when moving. When you don't want sound to play or leave it default, it goes to soundsequence '0' which is intended to be silent.

Except you can define a soundsequence with id=0. So all 'silent' sounds are now suddenly whatever you defined under that id. Is this intentional, or just an oversight?

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Looks like po->seqId is blindly set to the argument for both regular and explicit:

S_StartPolySequence also just plonks the seqId into S_StartSequenceNum, which in turn blindly plays the sound if it can be found:

I'm guessing this is an oversight but I'd need Quasar to chime in here.

EDIT: This appears to be intended, or at least consistent with Hexen. https://github.com/chocolate-doom/chocolate-doom/blob/master/src/hexen/sn_sonix.c#L316-L343

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