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Gamer With Dignity

Projectile Bullets Add-On For LedIris' Generic Weapons

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Video by JimpArgon. Go subscribe! :)

Spoiler: Here's another video, by Jorge Ramos! (bear in mind: old version of mod used)


With my projectile bullet variation included

What is this?

This mod is a little bit different to Personal Gameplay Mod - there are no tracers, custom monsters or custom gore/effects system. All this mod does is replace weapons, and add enhancements to vanilla items. It's like every other weapon mod out there. Nothing groundbreaking, but hopefully something interesting that you can all enjoy.

I started off by combining code from mods like Faspons and Weapons of Saturn, as well as some code from Patriot1776, faslrn and wildweasel. I've hopefully made something enjoyable for everyone. This is a weapon mod, built purely for my personal use, but released here for feedback (as well as for anyone who enjoys this type of modding ;))

  • An options menu - want to customize some aspects of the mod to your liking? Feel free!
  • New weapons, with added punch, casings & smoke (not enough smoke to lag out computers)
  • Weapon movement changes - weapons bob through all animations, as well as use a new bob style.
  • A new shell spawning system - instead of spawning a single four shell pickup, four individual shells are spawned instead (see screenshots below)
  • Barrels are more dangerous - with higher damage and quicker explosions, at the cost of a smaller blast radius.
  • Similar to the shell system - instead of spawning a medikit, two stimpacks and a mini stimpack are spawned instead
  • A new armor system - Instead of picking up green armor instantly when on less than 100 megaarmor, it is not picked up until you are on <50 megaarmor.
  • A new damage system - when damaged with armor, metal sounds are heard when in pain
  • Pickup flashes - picking up important items actually feels good!
  • Aim punch - when the player has no armor and takes damage, the camera is pitched up slightly. This is removed when the player has armor.
  • There IS recoil, however you don't have to pull the mouse down when firing any weapons
What's new?


-Some weapon animations have been modified. To be specific:
Pistol's firing animation is smoother
Super Shotgun's reload is slightly smoother
Minigun's reload has more "weight" added to it
-Voxels have been added for the four shell pickup if you play without the individual shell system
-ACS scripts inside have been redone - scripts now use NamedWithExecute so as not to conflict with map scripts
-Zombieman, Shotgun Guy and Chaingunner now use the same weapon sounds as the player

Shell system in action!


This system provides benefits - if you are full on shells, you can save them, and come back to them later.

The way they look is randomized as they spawn - they don't all spawn in the same pattern.

Bear in mind, that only three all weapons are now usuable! They are really shoddily made at the moment. I'm hoping that I can make the weapons satisfying to use.


ippeth - Weapons of Saturn. Permission granted to use resources. (thank you, dude)
Faslrn - Feedback, testing and code. (with permissions. Big thanks to him for the testing and support of the mod :) )
Captain J - Sprites, testing & feedback (big thanks to J! :D )
GAA1992 - Voxels, testing & feedback
Credits from WoS:
Beautiful Doom by zer0
Brutal Doom by Sergeant_Mark_IV
Demon Eclipse by Eriance
Accessories to Murder by wildweasel and DoomNukem
Weasel Presents: NAZIS v2 by wildweasel
DOOMRL Arsenal by Yholl, SoloSpaghetti and Sgt. Shivers
Killing Floor by Tripwire Interactive
Return To Castle Wolfenstein by Gray Matter Interactive
Doom 3 by id Software

Soldier of Fortune II by Raven Software (sound effects)
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault by 2015, Inc (sound effects)

Original post by LedIris

If I've missed any credits please let me know.

Led's Generic Weapon Mod Updated 26th October, 2016

Projectile Bullets Alpha 2 NOTE: Very extremely awesome version! Download for own enjoyment. IS STILL being worked on by Gamer With Dignity.

Update by me

Progress is still being made on the projectile bullets. Most recently I've been able to give the player's bullets a visible pitch, along with a lot of small tweaks here and there.

If you're interested in the newest, most experimental build, you can get it here. Keep in mind that it's still in-progress and for the moment being it's less playable than Alpha 2.

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