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Doom or Ultimate Doom

Which do you have?  

15 members have voted

  1. 1. Which do you have?

    • Doom
    • Ultimate Doom
    • I have both

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I bought Doom CE, so Ultimate Doom it is.

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What's the point of having Doom at all when you can upgrade to Ultimate Doom for free?

maybe because you can say that you have the first doom, i duno :\

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I bought the original sometime in 95 or 96 then when I lost that bought Ultimate Doom in this little pack called "The Depths of Doom" or something that had UDoom, Doom2, and The Master Levels for twenty bucks.

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when i heard they were making a fourth episode for original Doom i wept. then i bought it and got spanked in UV.

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Woolie Wool said:

A.k.a. DOOM Ripoff Edition.

I lost my copies of doom in house moves over the past 8-9 years. What's so bad bout buying DCE?

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I have Ultimate Doom, and Doom v1.666 shareware on a cd in the store bought wrapping so I can safely lick it every day.

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