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Working with Doom 3's Unique Normal Mapping

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I've been ripping Doom 3's weaponry (as showcased in a tutorial I created on the ZDoom Forums) but there's one very irritating problem: the normal maps generated for them seem to only be fit for the idtech4 renderer. A good example is the chaingun...

...which has a normal map that warps the shading of the cylinders. Not to mention the normals for the symmetrical portions of models like the shotgun which have a very visible seam to them when used outside of Doom 3:

Anyone with a clue behind the workings of rendering in Doom 3 have an idea what differences there are between that and later, almost universal, ways of normal mapping?

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The one issue I have found with Doom 3's normal maps is that they seem to require a specific kind of DDS encoding which none of my programs seem to get right for some reason, every time I attempt to load in a new normal map in the game it just crashes to the menu with not supported messages in the command console.

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