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Four Maps Campaign Mode

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This is considered 'old news' for these maps. What I did was arranged them into a campaign mode so you can play my next creation on the next run. There should be four in this campaign.

MAP01: Stormwatch (5F75MJ7V) -- Your goal is to activate the Stormwatch device which measures storms. The facility's power is down. Proceed with caution.

MAP02: Quiet Zone (2STPD44G) -- Find and kill the Devil who resides in a reactor facility. Weapon wheel provided. There is one secret. Interesting layout.

MAP03: Outpost 45 (ZFXVK4MA) -- Eliminate the threat. Main mission is to destroy a powerful Baron which resides the outpost.

MAP04: Sagittarius Four (GWBXYSNV) -- Take place in a mining facility. Collect minerals for powerups. The goal is to find three power cores to escape.

As always, you could search by 'ghostguy' if that helps.

Feedback would be appreciated.


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hi ghost
played your campaign.
solid level design.
nice combat.

liked especially the thunder lightning modul enviroment effekt.
if u allow i would use this one in my maps too.

the maps felt a little bit empty so i looked at your resources.
i saw a heavy memory count.
didnt open your maps in the editor so i cant tell what hits memory so hard.
i guess thats the reason for the missing decoration.

i love good decoration nearly as much as good gameplay.
maybe reduce the memory consuming things to get space for the messy felsh, blood and debirs in future maps.

keep it up


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Hello, SgtHermann.

Thanks for playing the maps. Are you from the Space: SnapMap Forums by any chance? I have tried to post the information on that Forums as well but there's issue of posting anything anymore.

Be my guest in using the 'lightning' effect. The actual code (outside) is located near the green power core area in the map editor if you are curious ("Stormwatch").

I basically adjusted a little bit from a tutorial from this map code "ENTVFZ7F" by Doom64guy6 (called "Lightning"). You can thank him. His thread should be somewhere on Doomworld.

You may also check out another map by DoomPhreak which also has 'thunder and lightning' effect as well. It is called "Hellbound" (4978L4BJ). Is well worth playing.

Here's the forum:

Happy Playing! Thanks.

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