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My thoughts on Multiplayer.

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I decided to give it a shot after nearly a month and It feels somewhat better, Not perfect yet but i can't deny it has gotten better, First i like the new map voting on lobbies, It even allows you to experience DLC Maps without buying them, I also noticed there's a New region changing option in the Main Multiplayer menu, Should be helpful to eliminate lag issues or inability to find rooms .

There are some things still messed up however, The Rocket Launcher and Combat Shotgun are still too overpowered, and the Lobbies still require at least 4 players, This increases the waiting time (Not to mention players would most time leave before the 4th player joins), IMO They should reduce the minimum amount of players required to 2 or add bots and allow us to fill lobbies with them while waiting .

The chat is also as useless as ever, the only way you can chat in-game is while you're still alive, However i noticed it's possible to chat while last results table is still on for game mode possession, I hope they can do it for the rest of modes too, The game also lacks chat history and customization, you cannot resize or recolor the font of chat, making it even harder to notice the messages, And if you ever missed a message, there's no chance to read it again .

So yeah these are just my final thoughts on The Multiplayer, it still needs some work, I dunno if they're ever going to update it after the Final Multiplayer DLC is released but .. Time will tell .

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How are these weapons still OP please explain. Do you think making a Shotgun take 3 shots to kill would be logical, especially since you need to aim close?
Please tell me in which game there is a rocket launcher that doesn't kill after hitting twice a target?

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OP means it shouldn't have been possible to use it as a main loadout weapon in the first place, It should have been a Power weapon like gauss cannon, Btw screw logic in video games ;) .

EDIT : Anyway i'm sure people would be complaining about it being weak if it gets nerfed even more .

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When I said logic, I was only referring to video game logics (Of course a real rocket would blow 10 humans all together and there's no chance you could avoid it by just jumping up :)), I mean it's supposed to be a rocket launcher after all.

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