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GZDoom Builder: Flipping Sectors

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How do I mirror a sector vertically/horizontally? I'm trying to make a hallway with prison cells and I want to copy this cell onto both sides. The problem is the cells face a certain way, and for them to fit on the other side they must be flipped. How do I go about flipping them?

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rdwpa said:

Edit Selection mode (default keybind: E) will help.

This and gzdoom builder also has these tools while in that mode (usually after pasting a sector over):


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E for Edit Selection is the one I had to specifically remember, as I don't believe it has its own dedicated button anywhere. It's immensely useful though!

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I think the only features in GZDB that are only accessible via keyboard shortcuts and not via menu options or toolbar buttons are features specific to the 3D visual mode.

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MaxED said:

Modes -> Edit Selection Mode

Oooh it's down there! That part of the sidebar drops off the bottom of my laptop's resolution (it's only 1366x768) so I always forget to check the buttons that don't show up on screen. Thanks!

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