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baja blast rd.

Feedback on DM Layout

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It's hard to tell but this looks almost GreenWarish from the map alone which is definitely a good thing. I'll give it a whirl soon and leave some comments!

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I glanced at this earlier but wanted to wait to try and give some more detailed feedback. Well I'm too lazy and that won't happen so here u go:

I don't know what ZDaemon ffa's mean anymore, but double ammo and item respawn are the universal standard for dm. The map is BIG for 8 players, which is about as many spawns as you put. This needs at least like 16 players in order to keep the frags periodic and hunting for enemies to a minimum.

Calling this 'greenwarish' seems only an insult to me. This undetailed layout has more linedefs than like 1/2 of greenwar maps combined. Probably plays better than 1/2 of the pack as well (not a hard thing to do). What Doomkid really means is that the wide open, curvy paths lead to a sort of adventurous playstyle, where uninterrupted sr50 and hunting for your frags is the name of the game. It isn't as close knit as greenwar is though, with the lack of small shortcut paths. Not like that is easy without teleporters in a large map anyway.

Good job on putting weapons for the spawns and no invulnerability invisible shit spheres, the map isn't ruined! You won't need a large volume of shells for a large map like this, just make sure in the future you keep shotguns available, 40 shells. Chainguns can almost start to rival ssgs at this size. Good luck getting anything besides spawnkills with the rl. I don't know why you put two bfgammo9000's in the map, there's no bfg9000. Unless you actually think anybody is going to get plasma kills with all the uh, height variation and cover.

Be careful with spread out spawns like this, spawncamping does exist and will be more viable in a smaller map. I try to put spawns in dm so that no one spawn is really left by itself, alone and vulnerable. This unfortunately is not viable in lms... Ledge and alcove spawns are usually ok, but try not to put so much room around them and space in the back. This just gives spawncampers cover and room.

I would really put some teleporters here, the map is big. There isn't really other good ways to cover large distances quickly in doom.

So yea the map is a big frag hunt. I don't know if that's what you like in a dm map but that's what this will be. I'd probably fall asleep with less than 8 players minimum, so be mindful of sizing in the future I guess. The chaingun!!!

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The layout looks very nice already, but I agree that it is too big. Needs to be scaled down, to about 75% of its current size.

Personally I hate crushers in DM or CTF, I would just get rid of that.

Also I dislike secrets in DM/CTF maps, I don't see the point of them as for me they just give an unfair advantage to people who know they are there (and in DM you don't have time to go wall humping). But I know some people like them.

Definitely worth to continue working on it.

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The central area looks kinda scary. You go there and you'll be open to attacks from every direction. Perhaps it could use an additional pillar or two? But then again, I don't know anything about DM level design.

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So I finally got a chance to look at this and I agree with Bob in that it should be smaller, but it looks really nice and your general layout principles are fine (wide open areas and maneuverability but still plenty of cover). Looking forward to more from you!

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