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I just finished another epic wad. Six months of work, almost gone insane.


You're standing in the brick room. Strange. You can not remember what was before. Memories are shrouded in darkness. As if you just woke up from ... death. You have gun in hand. From a small doorway you can hear heavy breathing. Trying to find a clue in your head with no luck, like trying to remember a dream. You feel only emotion left of that dream. Embrace of death. Warm and restful. The desire to go back there, taking with you as many souls as you can...

P.S. Sorry if there's some mistakes, english is not my native language :D

I hope you'll like my original soundtrack I made for this wad.

Download link:

IWAD: Doom2.wad
Tested on GzDoom and Skulltag


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Mmm-hmm... Digging some of those screenies!

One quick thing, in the first spoilered screenie: the ceiling of that structure is grey brick, which doesn't match the upper wall texture adjacent to it. This looks strange and is generally considered bad design.

Still, aside from that, looks great man!

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NinjaLiquidator no it's not broken, you need to open that door from another location. There is a teleport in the industrial room nearby that leads back to surface, you just need to find a way to lower the floors to jump into teleport room...

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