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Bread Knight

Things i would like to know (zdoom coding stuff)

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Ok so i played around a little with slade3
And i learnt how to do like very basic things. BUT, i would like to know somethings, first off coding a double jump. I feel like it shouldnt be super hard to code. And i cant really find a lot of info on making doomguy be able to double jump, so of any of you know how one would go about making double jump code that would be cool to know. Ok then there is charge guns. Like if i hold in the altfire it charges and shoots an enormous bullet or like a lot of bullets. Thanks for reading! And have a good day

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1. https://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-editing/89969-double-jump/
2. If you mean "holding the fire button longer will result in a different (stronger) kind of shot", try repeated use of A_Refire during the weapon's attack preparation animation to make the weapon jump into different firing animations depending on when the player releases the fire button.

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