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Winter's Fury Multiplayer?

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It's not possible to play Winter's Fury in cooperative.

Many of the scripts and gameplay traps are designed to be for a single player only. A lot of changes would need to be made to make it coop compatible, and I don't really want to put in that effort. You'll have to settle for single player. Sorry.

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Zandor said:

I wanna play through the Winter's Fury campaign with my buddy, is that possible?

Ifso how?

You should download Zandronum and go to their forum to look for mods to play on MP. That source port is focused on that!

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I actually did get through the first map on gzdoom multiplayer. Too bad the second map only had 1 spawn or something, so it desynced quickly. Maybe you could get farther if players didn't telefrag on spawn/could go through eachother... Hope there aren't scripts and doors that break.

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