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Monsters react to friendly marines.

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Hello, i have a question about decorating friendly monsters, marines to be correct.

Regular monsters never react to marines untill marines make serious damage to them, how to make moneters treat marines like regular players, so monsters make see noise when they see marines and attack them without waiting untill first being attacked.

I know that i can do this in the map, by making them hate each other, but is it possible to it in Decorate, so marines get attacked before they attack monsters first?

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Hey, it's been two years since i asked that, and yet i did not figured out. 😅 In UDMF map you can make monsters hate marines (177:Thing_Hate), and they will attack first, but is it possible to do that in their DECORATE code, so no matter what map, no matter which format, monsters will attack marines. I know this thread was dormant for two years, but it's one of few questions that i still want to get solved. Every time i visit forum to learn something new this thread does not let me go, and i dont use marines in my maps, too often, i use them only against huge monsters who have over 2000hp, so it's ok if marines attack first.




Just look how cool it looks, and in this case i decompiled map to UDMF format and made this monsters hate them, imagine how cool would it be if such battels possible on any map. And, if there's a group of monsters they will kill them one by one, while the rest will stay still untill THEPLAYER arrive. So, any advice here? Maybe some DECORATE trick?


ps I'm ok with editing all monsters DECORATE if i will have to

Edited by Flammable : ps, gif reupload

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