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Bread Knight


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ok so ive had my fun with modding slade and ive made this here mod... its very simple very incomplete.its got a gun that ive been working on, i do aim to make more shotguns
(the theme of this pk3 is gonna be only shotguns basically).the code is very messy( i just learnt a little bit of modding doom within like 3 days and this is my knowledge so far)and its not the cleanest pk3. but nevertheless its just something i worked on. heres the link rip link...its a little lower now. ENJOY IT <3 and do tell me if something horribly wrong and if something could be done better

heres an image of the gun doing a thing http://imgur.com/a/Hiftp

so ive added a new gun. its pretty bad looking but that might change in the future.
ANYWAYS!! the gun is known as atm CHAINSHOTGUN (wow really clever) but heres the link to the new zip https://www.mediafire.com/?qn88m5b055jpydm HAVE FUN

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I want to see a Clint Eastwood style duel with this. Before you shoot you have to first fully load it.

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