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a SnapMap Custom Attack .

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Doom64guy6 said:

I tried to recreate it after watching the video and I gave up after 4 hours of trying.

I asked the guy who made it on reddit and he said :

kp1197 said:

There are several parts to the effect and I don't know when I'll be home, but I'll give you the skinny.
AI Proxy -> ... -> On Hurt (Activator: Demon) -> Start Repeater (0.1, inf.) -> Spawn Hazard -> Vortex AI Proxy -> ... -> On Hurt (Activator: Demon) -> Delay X -> Stop Repeater, Remove Vortex Hazard
AI Proxy -> ... -> On Hurt (Activator: Demon) -> Spawn Hazard -> Well Lightning, 4000 Damage
DEFINITION OF "..." test boolean -> HELLSHOT JUST FIRED -> test true -> delay 0.1 -> set false -> HELLSHOT JUST FIRED
player input -> fire -> test boolean -> HELLSHOT ACTIVE -> test true -> set true -> HELLSHOT JUST FIRED, delay 0.1 -> set false HELLSHOTJUST FIRED, set false HELLSHOT ACTIVE, give loadout DOUBLE SHOTTY
player input -> press use -> test boolean -> HELLSHOT AVAILABLE -> test true -> give loadout, set true HELLSHOT ACTIVE, set false HELLSHOT AVAILABLE, give loadout HELLSHOT LOADOUT, take ammo 100%, give ammo 1 shot
on spawn -> start repeater (15 secs, inf.) -> test bool -> HELLSHOT ACTIVE -> test false -> disp. msg "Hellshot Available", set true -> HELLSHOT AVAILABLE
something like that.
The key takeaway is that if the onhurt activator is demon, for the sake of spawning the effects, you can't also filter by weapon, as far as i know. so to hack around that, i set a "hellshot just fired" flag for 1/10th of a second, and any on hurt that happens while HELLSHOT JUST FIRED is true, will result in the effects spawning.

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DMGUYDZ64 said:

I asked the guy who made it on reddit and he said :

I will say I got close to recreating it but I was having problems

I created the Arrows of Doom almost exactly as he did. The only problem I was having was the well lightning would kill the enemy instantly the moment I fired at them and the other hazard wouldn't follow them that was due to boolean filters I used.

Amazing my setup was very similar to his but sometHong went wrong.

The hell shot setup I different with give weapon instead of give load out that way the other weapons are completely unaffected

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This looks really neat, though tough to implement. Speaking of weapons, I wonder if after the new DLC 'Bloodfall' they'll finally add both the Reaper and Grenade Launcher to Snapmap? Would be awesome!

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Now this is neat! You should sticky these types of custom tutorials. You can also add effects directly to monsters like custom orbs etc floating with caco's =)

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