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Gibbing in Doom 3

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So I was playing around with Doom 3 .def files and found something weird. I switched off the gibbing mechanic for the former human type enemies by editing the weapons .def files. Every Doom 3 weapon has an option to switch gibbing on or off. Demon type monster use a slightly different "burn away" mechanic that is defined by their own .defs. Anyway I played through the Alphalabs Sector 1 level and this is what I found out:

I really like Doom 3 ragdolls. They are more realistic and down to earth as opposed to something from Half-Life 2 and other early Havok games where you see them doing backflips and silly poses. Shooting zombies point blank with a shotgun became much more fun that in vanilla game. BUT by the end of the level weird glitch appeared. Some models (enemies, weapons) started to flicker. Then more of them flickered. Then some of them became downright invisible. Like there's something like an entity limit in Doom 3 engine and those ungibbed zombies from the level overloaded the thing. Is this really the reason why Doom 3 has this unfun gibbing where not even gibs are left? Any way to get rid of this glitch? A much better solution would be an offline body remover like in modern games where dead bodies are deleted from the game world when you are far away and can't see them. Too bad id didn't program something like this in.

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