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Eternity now has flat scaling!

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After a day of working and usage of some code that was already present but commented out, flat scaling is now in the engine and working! It works for regular flats as well as slopes. In the album you can see flat scaling working with rotation and offsetting, and looking the same as it does in GZDB. Additionally you can see on the slope, individual scaling values for non-square scaling.


The supported methods of doing this are via UDMF (works out of the box in GZDB, as the property has the same names as in ZDoom), and ExtraData.

The new ED props are:
floorscalex <float>
floorscaley <float>
ceilingscalex <float>
ceilingscaley <float>

In addition to being documented here, these ED props are also documented on the following page: http://eternity.youfailit.net/wiki/ExtraData

Expect this to be in tonight's (2016/11/26) DRDTeam build.

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