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What is the optimal tempo for opening/closing fast doors while punching?

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Some ridiculously hard maps become tysonable when we use fast doors as riot shields. I would like to know what the optimal timing for opening/closing the door is. The door is activated instantly, but the punch is delayed, so we need to punch before opening the door. It is difficult to get the timing exactly right. Can one of you Doom TAS guys verify the timing so that we can make a metronome?

I noticed that sometimes the door is barely open at all, but the punch hits the monster "under" the door. I can do it with pistol too. I wonder what the exact mechanics and timings are for each weapon. Speedrunners might benefit from knowing the exact timings. With slow weapons like SSG we can start shooting long before we open the door. It is counter-intuitive, so the opportunity is easily missed. We waste time when we instinctively think that the door needs to be open before we can shoot. I think this mistake is often visible in DOOM2 MAP 06, in the exit room. You can shoot the last demon quicker, if you practice the fast door's timing.

You can practice the fast door with the attached map. It has a single baron behind a door.

TL;DR Please make an optimal tyson (TAS) for the attached map, for science!


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This is quite easy to figure out, but I wasn't going to kill the baron without berserk pack. You need to press fire and use simultaneously (e. g. tic 44 — fire and use, tic 48 — punch, you can press use again). But sometimes you need to turn or even open the door a tic earlier.


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