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DoomWare **Open Beta**

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On 2/3/2018 at 5:04 PM, Cartridge said:

The spread sprite thing that shows who's winning gets in my face, un-fair advantage to others. As such mostly when counting souls, playing watch the cacodemon colors like simon says, duck hunt, shoot the targets and mathematics. Just make the flower bob less. Frustrates me to have it in my vision while counting souls.

It'll be fixed whenever I update next. It's because I forgot to disable gravity on the object Xdd

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Hello everyone, sorry for the big block of silence but I've been busy with another project, however I'm currently back in DoomWare mode. I'd just like to bring the sad news that the next version of DoomWare (1.9 Beta), will not feature new minigames. Simply put, I've done so many mass changes that I want to ensure everything is stable before I start cramming in more games, because the new ones are bound to have a stack of bugs to go with them. What kind of mass changes? Well, I rewrote the entire gamemode from the ground up, in an attempt to clean up the code, make it more stable, and make it easier to add in more features. Here's a little teaser with what's new:




ETA on version release: Soon.

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1 hour ago, R4L said:

Oh my word.


I loved Warioware on GBA, so definitely need to try this.


There are still servers up that are hosting the 1.8 beta, so you can go on them to scratch your itch in the meantime :)

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Doomware Open Beta 1.9 is out! The OP has been updated with new images and servers


[TSPG] Britsteel: DoomWare Open Beta 1.9 (EU)


[TSPG] Painkiller: DoomWare Open Beta 1.9 (US)

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Just a few days ago I was wondering what happened to this mod. Glad its still alive and well. 

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Hey everyone,


This Sunday, MDF will be hosting a DoomWare tournament, running on the latest version (Beta 1.9H). It'd be awesome if you were to join, it's a friendly competition so there is nothing lost by not participating. It would be awesome to see you guys there!


The tournament is Sunday, September 8th @ 5:00PM EDT. If you wish to sign up, then feel free to do so by joining the server at https://discord.gg/DtQwknK, and putting your name in #doomware-signups.


Thank you, and I hope you guys join in on the fun!

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Saturday, October 10th, @ 5pm EDT, a DoomWare Pub Session is being hosted by MDF. Be sure to join! I've made some modifications to Halloween-ify the map.


Yes, there will be new minigames!


Join MDF's Discord to stay up to date with what's happening: https://discord.gg/YQyg4cf

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Just'd like to give a huge thank you to everyone who participated in last night's pub session. Not only was I not expecting it to last three and a half hours, I wasn't expecting to have a full server either! Seriously, you guys rock!


I recorded the first 45 minutes of last night's session and have put it in the OP.

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Defying all my expectations, DoomWare has won a Cacoward. I genuinely cannot thank everyone who has been so dedicated to this four (FOUR!?) year project for coming over and providing feedback during all of our many playsessions. I might be the one coding, but it is everyone else who is pulling the reigns and driving this project forward. I'd love to name everyone, but they're so many names that I don't even know where to begin (Inside the WAD, there's a lump named CREDITS, which has a list of many beta testers, but that list is nowhere near extensive and has been needing to be updated for a while now).


I might as well use this opportunity to say what's going on with the project.


I still intend to fully finish this (there's only about 10 more minigames to go and to tweak and polish as much as I can of the current work) by sometime next year. My original plan was to finish it this year, but many things got in the way of that, leaving me with little time to fully dedicate to DoomWare like I originally intended.


I'm not just planning on having the 100 minigames, there are some more changes I want to make:

  • The minigame instructions should popping up a little bit before the minigame itself starts. This is how it's done in WarioWare to begin with, and for good reason: it gives the player enough time to react to new games. Some people prefer the chaos of being instantly thrust into a minigame and having to pick up from there, others find not having enough time to read the instructions frustrating. Therefore, I'll make this a toggleable option for servers.
  • During a recent playsession, a major bug occurred and everyone was given the ability to fly during the next few minigames. This gave me the idea of Game Modifiers: Every few games, a dice roll is run to decide what sort of "Wacky Modifier" is going to be turned on during the next 25 rounds. This can be something like Double Speed, A stronger jump, flying, etc... This should help keep the game fresh during long sessions, because playing 25 rounds of 100 minigames means that you can potentially play through all the minigames in just 4 games. Not only that, it brings out the wackyness of the whole gamemode.
  • There is also an interest in Competitive DoomWare. This is a tricky one to do, because DoomWare is inherently reliant on random chance. The best thing I can do here is to minimize the amount of bugs, and balancing out some of the current minigames. A good idea would be to also implement a filter console command which lets servers disable certain minigames from the rotation pool.
  • This one's a "nice to have", but a functional Single Player campaign or a training mode to let people play alone (offline can already be done with bots).
  • This one's a "post v1" stretch goal, but having more than one map. 100 Minigames is a lot, and adding more to the already bloated map and ACS can become overwhelming (I've run into all sorts of limits already). I'd like to have a second map with a different set of minigames, and we could have the gamemode rotate between those two maps. In order for this to work, of course, there needs to be enough minigames that going to the second map means not playing the same 10 minigames over and over. 


One thing I would like to mention is that the Gamemode's ACS is completely commented, and even features a tutorial on the top explaining how to add in more minigames. I would like to push this a bit further and build on community support, perhaps even hosting competitions for new minigames? (Also side note, you are perfectly allowed to pitch me your minigame ideas, and I might implement them if I like them! I even have dedicated thread, bump it!). The second map idea I mentioned could be the perfect place for these!


Once again, thank you so much to everyone for helping me with this project, and I hope to see it completed soon!


P. S. Check out my other multiplayer gamemode: Dominatrix

Edited by Buu342

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MDF has announced DoomWare Sundays. This will be a fun, casual session every Sunday @ 2pm EST / 8pm CET with a twist: there'll be a monthly leaderboard that tracks your progress and then resets. A winner will be announced for each month based on their performances.


Winning a full game is the most important thing. Each game won is worth 1 point. Within each game there are 25 rounds of minigames, so each round win is worth 0.04 or 1/25 of a point. Finally, 1UPs are worth 0.03 or 1/33 of a point. Combine all these things together and the result becomes your score and gets you a spot on the leaderboard.


You'll be able to track the leaderboard on their website (where you can see an example of how the scores work): https://www.doomfederation.com/doomware-leaderboards/


As usual, I recommend you join the MDF server to stay up to date with the event ^^


The first session will be happening Sunday, March 7th.

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So for those that haven't been following, DoomWare Sundays have been happening every week since the 7th of March, with DoomWare Sundays #8 happening on the 25th of April


I've been trying to get weekly updates going, and DoomWare's in a state that it pretty much has all the features I want, now it's just a matter of making a few more minigames to reach that arbitrary 100 minigame number.


Here's a summary of all the cool new features:

  • Team support
  • Wacky modifiers, including a boss fight
  • Improved stat tracking, even allowing you to track players that aren't logged in
  • Automatic seasonal map skins
  • Minigame ban list
  • Network optimizations
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • And of course, over 10 new minigames!

As a reminder, DoomWare is now on GitHub, which allows you to easily access the source code, follow updates as soon as they come out, and, if you're interested in hosting or modding DoomWare, a (currently WIP) wiki with all the information you need to know!



And once again, if you're interested in participating in DoomWare events every weekend, join the MDF Discord Server to keep in touch!


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The DoomWare Wiki is almost finished, with every page (except the minigame list section) being fully written. If you're interested in making minigames for DoomWare, but find the source code overwhelming, then I highly recommend you check out the DoomWare API and Step by Step New Minigame Tutorial pages on the Wiki!


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