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Ammo on user's gui

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I was screwing around with the fov and gun position for my mod, and now all the gun gui's don't show on screen.
Is there a way to make them show on HUD like other non-gui weapons? Will it also require to mess around in editGUIs program?
Through all .pk4's I haven't been able to find any script or def related to the HUD. (except the gui directories in gun defs)
I can already say that my editGUIs has been crashing around, so any mod directions could be helpful.

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In hud.gui look for the "Weapon Icon Flash". There are settings for every weapon. No weapon names though but those of them that have "weaphud" "1" are the ones you are looking for (weaphud means ammo counter on the weapon itself). Compare the "visible" parameters for ammo and hud lines with the weapons that have "weaphud" "0". But if you simply copypaste settings you may lose some stuff like ammo counter warning flash when low or out of ammo.

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