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E2M9 replacements?

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I know of several E1M1 replacement maps already, but I was wondering if there are custom maps out there that specifically replace E2M9 "Fortress of Mystery"? If not, is there a way to reassign a custom level to replace this map in particular?

I never particularly liked E2M9 - as it is very short and not challenging at all - and I think "The Shores of Hell" deserves a better secret map than that.

Thanks in advance!

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You can remap any map to any map slot by editing its ExMy entry-the easiest way is probably through an editor.

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Create an "Megawad of Mystery" community project and you'll get a load of great 3-room levels with hordes of Barons and Cacodemons. Soooo minimalistic.

unless you hate it really too much

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