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Splitscreen branch (3.42.03a(h2))

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Not sure if this issue also applies to normal Eternity, but the D-Pad of the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller seems inaccessible for some reason, meaning the four D-Pad buttons don't appear with the "test gamepad" feature.


On a similar note, I'm trying to create a "SDL Profile" that matches the control scheme of the Xbox 360 version of Classic Doom as shown here:


Here's what it looks like so far:


bind joy1 use
bind joy2 weaponup
bind joy3 map_toggle
bind joy4 weapondown
bind joy5 
bind joy6 
bind joy7
bind joy8 menu_toggle
bind joy9 weapondown
bind joy10 weaponup
bind joy11 use
bind joy12 flip
bind joy13 jump
bind joy14 map_toggle
bind axis3 speed
bind axis3 attack

g_axisaction1 strafe
g_axisaction2 move
g_axisaction5 turn

I have three problems with this. First, how do I reverse the axis (for move). Second, how can I specify whether an axis is pressed positive or negative, as for whatever reason the triggers on the controller are read as one axis? Third, and least importantly, which D-Pad button corresponds exactly to each weapon when it comes to "quick weapon switch"?

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Your question has nothing to do with this branch. Ask it in a different thread so it doesn't get lost.

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On 11/27/2016 at 6:53 PM, Edward850 said:





What happened in screenshot 2: Player1:I got killed by a cyberdemon! Player2:I got killed by a mancubus, but it got killed by you Edward. Player4:Me too. Player1:What did you get killed by Player3? Player3:I got killed by the wall. Player1:Okay? Thats odd....

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So... when do you plan on doing more work on this? Besides the s_sound.cpp issue, there is the case of Eternity switching to SDL2. It honestly would be a shame if this wasn't updated...


edit: On a lighter note, how do I enable split screen and set dmflags through command line arguments?

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-dmflags will override the dmflags value, will require you to know the number in advance. Splitscreen can't be explicitly set from the command line.

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