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Doom music references in the soundtrack

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as i've been listening to more of the soundtrack recently with it being released on digital services, i've been thinking that a lot of the songs from the game have parts that are inspired or directly taken from Bobby Prince's score. i thought it'd be interesting to see if any of you guys have noticed things like this in the music that no one else has so far.

these are what i've noticed now:

At Doom's Gate: self-explanatory, it's a cover of the song, and definitely the first one you'll notice in the game. kind of short though.

Hellwalker: the intro has part of the crying lead from Sign of Evil in it.

Olivia's Theme: another easily recognizable one, it's a slower, more foreboding cover of Suspense. pretty fitting for her character, i have to admit:

Ties That Bind: not really part of a song from the game, but it definitely has a recognizable instrument in it: the wood block that's hitting 4 times. it's the exact same pitch and tone as the one from The Imp's Song, just with a longer delay between the hits. it's definitely the SC-55 instrument too, so that makes it even more authentic.

BFG Division: there's a part in the middle of the song where it changes up, and the guitar starts playing the main rhythm you hear in Waltz of the Demons. i gotta be honest, i completely missed this reference until someone else pointed it out for me.

Harbinger: the strumming guitar in this song is very reminiscent of what you hear in the Doom 3 theme made by Tweaker. a nice little callback to that game.

Transistor Fist: for a short while at around 1:40 or so, you can hear the synth playing the first few bars of Kitchen Ace at a major key.

i'm sure there's more references in the other songs that i haven't picked up on that maybe you guys have found, but this is what i can find.

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I love how subtle yet recognizable the references are at the same time. They tickle my chin. c:

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All of them are here, along with a few others. (Olivia's theme is called "Authorization; Olivia Pierce").

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That video, incidentally, illustrates at its end that the BFG 9000 is not a weapon for circle-strafers.

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There were more similarities between Harbinger and Doom 3's theme, but I'll let it slide. Harbinger basically copies most of the cues and patterns from the Doom 3 theme but plays something slightly different. Great video, though! There were some I didn't even catch.

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