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ZDS #483 - Quake 3 CTF

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This Saturday we'll be playing Capture the Flag on a brand new map pack created by Rude.
He converted 6 of the most famous Quake 3 CTF maps to Doom. Ofcourse there is some minor modding.
Mostly varying floor heights to fit the doom experience.

First rotation will be played normally, second in Instagib.

Game Mode: CTF
IWAD: doom2.wad (or freedoom)
PWAD: q3ctf zds_addon_q3ctf zvox8
Wad url:
Maps: 01-12 (07-12 with add_cvaroverride sv_instagib 1)
DMFLAGS: 16798788 / 655360 / 0
Players: 16, 24 spectator slots
Timelimit: 15 mins
Overtime: no
Teamscorelimit: 5
Aircontrol: 0.00390625 // ZDoom
Teams: 2
Skill: 4 // Nightmare!

Date: Saturday 3rd December 2016
Euro: 19:30 GMT / 14:30 EST
USA: 01:00 GMT / 20:30 EST
Locations: [SDA] / Dwango United NJ

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Sooo it didnt happen on Saturday, no USA server, and it got played 2v2 on monday in europe. Well thanks for hosting anyways, maybe one day this wad will see more than 2v2

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