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Loading custom textures.

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Hi, i'm trying to create a map using Scythe 2 textures. I only need to load the textures, but if i add Scythe 2 to the resource list it will load other things, like the custom title screen, the custom HUD bar and the custom music. How can i load only the textures that are in the WAD? Thanks in advance!

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You can't do that without modifying the Scythe 2 wad or reincluding a ton of Doom 2 IWAD stuff into your wad, neither of which is a good idea, so the best you can do is to open the Scythe 2 wad and your wad in SLADE3 and copy the textures (that is, TEXTURE1 and PNAMES lumps + everything between P_START and P_END markers including the markers themselves) into your wad.

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Create a new empty WAD.
Extract the Scythe 2 textures and flats
Extract the TEXTURE1 lump
Extract the PNAMES lump
Put them inside the new WAD, with correct markers.
Make edits where necessary.

Thats just a rough guide. I haven't touched Slade in a long time, so I just use Deutex


Deutex guide:
Load up deutex in Dosbox.
Write in this

deutex -textures -xtract (name of WAD).wad scytex.txt
[this will extract the TEXTURE lump in Scythe 2 as TXT file]


deutex -patches -flats -xtract (name of WAD).wad scytex.txt
[this will extract ALL textures in Scythe 2 as BMP files]

And MAYBE needed:
(Some textures packs have an ANIMATED lump, but Scythe 2 probably doesn't have it)

deutex -get animated (name of WAD).wad

Create a new folder in the deutex directory as "LUMPS", and put the extracted lump "ANIMATED.LMP" in that folder.
Open up "scytex.txt" and write this in:

Open up that file "scytex.txt", check if everything is correct. Good? Good.


deutex -make scytex.txt scytex.wad
(This will automatically build the WAD according to scytex.txt. The WAD produced should be used as a resource pack)

Cool thing is, it'll be a lot easier to modify and build on-the-go.
Can't use command prompt? Put all the command I wrote in a BAT file and run it in the deutex directory (in Dosbox, of course)

You can also include maps and music using deutex, but i think you've got that handled already.

I enjoy command prompts :)
PM me if you want help with using Deutex

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