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CrazyDoomguy Demo Thread

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On 1/1/2020 at 11:44 AM, CrazyDoomguy said:

+++ Level 16 +++

Death in Excess: UV-MAX 54:34

+++ +++ +++ +++ +++




@CrazyDoomguy This map 16 goes out of sync at about 30 seconds for me with both -complevel 9 and 4.  Does it play back for you?

The rest of them playback perfectly. using glboomplus 2514 and the map you linked to above. 

Those are some really nice but very tough maps, good choice. Nice job on them.

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+++ Level 1 +++

Sad Thunder: UV-MAX 14:47

+++ +++ +++ +++ +++



@Searcher: I was against change at level 16 but author did it. Now I will not upload walk again... is too frustrate. Youtube is good option for watch


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+++ Level 17 +++

Sunder 17: UV-MAX 54:34

+++ +++ +++ +++ +++



After dying I had to wait a long time for loading. While I was waiting, I cleaned my apartment and threw away rubbish




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Nice stuff better ammo balance then original chillax46 map.Look like chillax 16 map.             


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