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Can't open doors in Doom Builder 2

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I was making a map in Doom Builder 2,i tested the game and i couldn't open the doors i placed!These are the specs i used:

Sector tag:0
Movement speed:30
Type:Open Close
Trigger:player presses use

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-Make sure you checked the "Repeatable action" trigger, otherwise the door action will only work once.
-If there is another linedef with a special action right in front of the linedef with the door action, said linedef might be blocking the player from being able to press the door action linedef.
-Doors always open up to 4 map units below the lowest ceiling height out of all ceiling heights of the door's neighboring sectors. Make sure your door sector doesn't neighbor with another sector with a low ceiling height that would prevent the door from opening.

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DrakeTheWarrior said:

..... Am i doing something wrong?

Obviously yes.

If you do not know what is going on with mapping then you cannot just lay down some sectors
and expect everything to work as you intended. Eventually, in the far future, mind reading
programs will be developed, and even then not everything will work as envisioned.

Meanwhile the only surefire solution is to stuff your brain with the necessary information and
go from there. How do you do this? By reading all you can find about mapping and then do
trial and error testing.

Since you are using DB2 the very first step should be to read the Doombuilder Guide.
While it was specifically written for DB1, most of it is still valid for DB2.

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