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How convert Music into MIDI?

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I'm afraid it doesn't work that way.

Midi files are essentially scores. They don't store the music itself, but rather the positions of instruments meant to be played. The computer does the rest. This is why midi files are so small, because they are just the score of the song.
So you'll either have to compose your MIDI by hand, or get a program to do it for you (Which will sound REALLY bad and nothing like what your MP3 sounds like). You're better off doing it yourself.

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yaqxsw said:

For example I have 3 MB mp3 Music and I want convert this into MEDI (For save files). How can I do?

Long story short; you cannot.

Think of MP3 music as being like a JPG of a text document, while MIDI is like the raw text file. It's easy to turn a text file into a JPG (open an image editor, use the text tool, paste your text, save the image) but it's a whole other kettle of fish to do the other way around. It's technically possible with software that does optical character recognition, bu1 tncy arc pr0m to connn1t crror5 thot rnakc the tcxl unreadable. (If you deciphered the previous sentence, congrats.) And even that comparison is generous, because music is a lot more complex acoustically than a text is graphically. There's a limited number of character shapes and the document can be expected to have high contrast that makes the shapes simpler to distinguish and recognize (after all, they're meant to be read). Music is very, very different from that.

So your choices are use something that will "convert" your MP3 to a MIDI and give you horrible garbage, or just try to transcribe the music into MIDI by hand, and process not entirely dissimilar from trying to transcribe music you hear into its sheet notation.

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Kappes Buur said:

You could try this http://www.mymusictools.com/articles/how-do-i-convert-mp3-to-midi.htm
Who knows, it just might work for you.

I've used WIDI in the past. Be advised it's not free, and the tool is extremely rough. It tends to overdo certain notes, causing high pitched spikes in the music. I tend to use it as a rough head-start for when I'm transcribing, as it does get the notes right, it just fills the notes with unwanted crap in the process. However it's probably the best tool out there for doing this.

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