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Liquid Tension Experiment & Devile II Tribute Music - Acid Rain Techno Remix

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For those who don't know, every MIDI used on Devile II was from this source. But the most remarkable one was the MIDI remix of Liquid Tension Experiment - Acid Rain used in MAP01 of Devile II (like any other first map, including the famous Doom 1 first map), which original LTE music sounds like this in real life:

While Devile II was a set of shitty maps, every map I made prior to it was way shittier, so I had to take that as a noob's milestone. Also it was my first set of maps larger than 2; and at the time the biggest Doom II mapping project I had ever done! That music reflects that perfectly in my memories.

So as a commemoration for the incoming Devile IV high-speed mapset for Unreal Tournament 1999, I made a short techno remix of some of the initial parts of the music.

This is also a tribute to this music's band, which is my favorite progressive metal band ever (for heavier and deadlier metals my favorite is Strapping Young Lad).

So here we go! Usable as a ZDoom music and in Unreal Tournament as well. Now let's dive in some history:

The music format in 1999 with the highest quality and compression was actually sequenced using samples in a MOD tracker, like in my case the modern OpenMPT; at the time probably ProTracker. Unreal uses a similiar format of it's own called UMX, which is supported in ZDoom along the original tracker kinds: MOD (Module Tracker), S3M (Scream Tracker III), XM (eXtended Module) and IT (the most advanced before hard-drive capabilities increased enough for raw music data; it stands for Impulse Tracker and it's my favorite <3), there are probably more I missed but that's the ones I remember and can be exported from OpenMPT. There is also OpenMPT's studio professional super-hyper format called MPTM (ModPlug Tracker Module), though it's a bit of an exaggeration.

Unreal used those formats to it's extent (and very well!) because as said before, the hard drives of the time were not that good; while Quake III aimed for graphical effects and powerful feelings, Unreal Tournament aimed for performance (<3 because my PC is crap) and completeness (Assault is my favorite gamemode EVAR <3<3<3!!!).

Anyways, back to what we were talking about.
Downloads -> .IT .OGG
Links -> SoundCloud

Notes: .OGG doesn't have the best quality. And the .IT file's samples were all inherited from Unreal Tournament's Go Down music. I can't do samples on my own... (if only I could... anyone suggests anything to do samples?)

Final note for perfectionists: I didn't nail 100% of the notes like in the original music, but it's enough for a good music (and MAYBE remix?)! :D

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