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Custom Crosshair

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I'm trying to find a way to edit in anyway that circular crosshair in doom 3, I found a crosshair.tga file, but it's just a blank white square. Couldn't also find any crosshair related stuff in .gui files. Any way to customize the crosshair?

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Probably what you are looking for is in that very .tga file but in the alpha channel.

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Nah, as I said the .tga is just a blank square, however I noticed that that crosshair file only exists in d3xp.

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Opening the 'cursor.gui' file in a text editor I was able to find out the assets names of the crosshair and their location:


The files corresponding to the crosshair are these:


PD: No matter if you see a white square or not, look always in the alpha channel, GUI files always make use of transparency.

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