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Zulk RS

Let's narrate the Doom story.

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Let's just say, for the hell of it, that every single Game, IWAD and PWAD ever (including Wolfenstein, Heretic, Hexen, All the doom games and Quake games as well as their wads and mods) are canon and all fall under a single time-line.

Now narrate a portion of your choosing from it. I'll start.

[After Doom64]
[Doom2 Remix]
Doomguy wanders Hell still fighting off demons and slowly getting used to his new life. At one point he sees a familiar looking structure. It appeared to resemble the space station that was taken over by the demons which the used to hold Earth hostage after he had fought them on Phobos and Deimos. As he entered it, he realized that it was a gigantic Hell fortress the demons built by reverse-engineering UAC technology. It was by far the biggest fortress Doomguy had seen.

He noticed 2 green imps after entering a room by crawling through an air vent. He had never seen these guys before but that wasn't the only surprise waiting for him.

After killing hordes and hordes of demons, both new and old, going through 14 large sectors of the fortress, he reached a large room resembling the Icon of Sin's lair full of former sergeants. He killed them and took a deep breath. Only to have another army of demons spawn around him. The wall, carved into a giant statue of the IoS watched as Doomguy killed horde after horde of demons one after another.

When he killed all the monsters, he was teleported to a tight room that had a giant severed head on a pike. As he punched the head, it let out a loud scream that was just like the one he heard when he shot rockets into the brain of the IoS. Once he killed the still living head, the fortress began to collapse. Doomguy blew open a huge hole in the wall with his Rocket Launcher and escaped. Just in time to watch the structure crumble from afar.

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Chapter 1: "Ultimatum"

"Shit." Doomguy looked at burnt body of the deceased Imp. He had no idea there was an explosive barrel right next to it. The exit lies a few feet ahead. "Time to go."

Doomguy stepped into the small room and pulled the switch. He felt his body disassemble apart, rearranging back onto a new facility.

For hours, that's all Doomguy has done. Shoot, switch, shoot, switch, shoot, switch. He had been teleporting throughout the whole facility, wreaking havoc and mayhem among the invaders. Although the facilities got destroyed in the process. Finally, something different happens. The demons responsible for Phobos' massacre stand in front of you. Their massive size, the blood-red tone of the tough skin, those menacing eyes and horns... That ugly face.

Doomguy's instinct to kill woke up again. In a matter of seconds, he had shoved several shells, rockets and plasma up their asses. They kept on flinging their unnatural green plasma towards, but none of them even left a mark on his green-and-pristine armor.
Once their smoldering remains flew away with the wind, the walls started to crumble down. Behind them, lies one more portal, and it leads to Deimos.

Even more hours of shooting and flicking switches. Now he stands on the edge, looking down below. Hell had taken Deimos directly to its core. Deimos and its facilities were devastated, thanks to the demons and to his weaponry. The Cyberdemon's rockets helped too.

Having no choice, Doomguy jumped into Hell itself...

Going through some of the most death-defying battles, in the most weirdest place to ever exist, Doomguy ventured on. Hell was unbearable. Dead bodies, tortured bodies, eaten bodies, bloodied bodies and unspeakable matters. The Mastermind was pathetic. Doomguy took it down with the almighty BFG, and the genocide ended. Its brains lay splattered on the soft ground, the hydraulic fluids leaking away.

Another portal lies ahead, but what lies behind it is unclear to Doomguy. There aren't any more exits around here, are there?

"Please be Earth." Doomguy jumps in, hoping to reach his homeworld. "Darn it!"

This new world is NOT Earth. The walls are decorated with bleeding flesh, rusted metal and demonic symbols. He sees more demons ahead. With no thought, Doomguy reached for his weapons.

"Oh no. Not again." The weapons were gone. Lost in the strange world of interdimensional teleporting or something. Even his armor was useless, as a good chunk was ripped apart. "I did it thrice, why not one more?" Doomguy sprinted for the demons, ready to venture on one more bout.
Chapter 2: "Corrupted Icons"

Doomguy jumped through the portal, leaving this strange sector of Hell. What do you know, it's Earth.

A message comes up in his visor, informing him of the current evacuation plan of Earth. Doomguy thoroughly reads the plans, then walks down the small corner, until he sees the enemy standing with their backs turned.

"Looks they're guarding this Entryway." Doomguy thought to himself. Having mastered the techniques to kill these things, he reflexively reached for his weapons.

"DAMN IT! Not again!" He cried. The possessed humans slowly turned towards your direction. Why the teleporter doesn't take away your pistol remains a mystery to him. But right now, Doomguy had a job to do and obstacles to remove. He noticed a chainsaw stuck to wall. The man reached for the utility and pulled it out. It is now a weapon of mass destruction.

Doomguy jumped down to the floor, the chainsaw buzzing with glee. With a single throw, the chainsaw ripped through the zombie's stomach, splaying blood and diced intestines everywhere, even on the other zombie. It falls on its back, dying from the massive amount of blood lost. The other zombie's head was sawed open in half.

"This thing's incredible!"

Groans come towards Doomguy, followed by possessed humans with guns. Time to remove more obstacles...

The gigantic beast made of flesh and circuitry cries out an ear-piercing roar of pain. Corpses of its spawn rot eveywhere. Its brain explodes, showering you with blood and metal. That thing never stopped summoning demons onto your ass, and now you're glad it stopped. No, it died.

"Good riddance."

Yet another portal appears, and it lead to Earth. Doomguy takes a huge leap, falling from the immense pillar to the portal below.
Chapter 3: 6+4=Doom

The strike team is dead. For years, the Phobos and Deimos facilities were thought to be abandoned. Doomguy wished he never would have to go through anything related to Hell again. Now he has to fight a new nightmare, just because he can.

Doomguy scanned the environment with his new helmet. He checked his radio, but the antenna wasn't working here. His armor was better than before, but would it work against these new demons waiting for him?

"Time to kill them again." Doomguy tells himself. "This time, I'm leaving nothing behind."

He charged forward and killed everything that came in his way, lured demons out of hiding and killed them too. Sometimes, had to make his own paths if he couldn't find any, but whatever the cost, Doomguy had to end this. Reckless and yet, effective.

After hours of fighting and teleporting, Doomguy had yet again landed himself back into Hell. The Mother Demon reveals herself upon realizing Doomguy's presense.

"What an ugly bug." Doomguy says, then proceeds to squash it...

The demons will never stop attacking. No matter how hard the UAC will try, they'll keep coming. Doomguy looks at the portal back to Earth, seeing the world that he was born and raised in, then at the demonic structures of Hell.

"For the sake of mankind." Doomguy walked away from the portal, descending into the jaws of what Hell has to offer.
Chapter 4: Sentinels

Doomguy kept his weapon focused on a Baron. Each round went in, and never came out. He wished the Night Sentinels were here to do the same.

For hundreds, maybe thousands, of years, Doomguy and the Night Sentinels fought against Hell. Their sole purpose was to cleanse Hell.

The Night Sentinels were an extremely advanced race. When Doomguy discovered them, they were mowing down the demons like grass. Together, they were unstoppable.

But the demons caught them by surprise on a specific day. A mass invasion, similar to Phobos', Deimos' and Earth's. The Sentinels lost all their lives. Their technology ruined by the influence of Hellspawn. Doomguy lived to fight to another day.

He had earned the Crown of Sentinels. A suit of massive strength of every skill. Combined with the renowned strength given to him by the Seraphim, Doomguy was unstoppable.

The demons took away everything. Daisy, Earth. Now his only comrades. Rage runs in his blood now.

Once he had started fighting with this suit, power and anger, there was no more Doomguy. He was a slayer.

The Baron stumbled back in daze, blood pouring out of its stomach. Doomslayer leaped onto the Baron and smashed its head his a single stomp. He threw the body to group of Pinkies charging towards him, making them lose their breath and fall back.

As he ran towards the Pinkies to brutally finish them, the temple rocks start moving. Doomslayer's body floats in the air. The energy of Hell flows into your suit, and disassembles it. The demons retreat back, and dark figures appear in the background. Their hands glow with energy as they carve the gigantic rocks midair. Doomslayer tries to fight back against this dark force, but soon, he's bare naked and the rocks are now two slabs. Inside the slab is the carved out shape of a humanoid. It's a tomb.

"They're going to bury me." Doomslayer thinks to himself. "I'll teach them to bury me."

The slabs close in on his body. His hands are chained to the other slab. He struggles to break them, but the energy of Hell is preventing him from using his full strength. What Doomslayer last saw was his Crown sealed away in another slab, after which he silently suffered inside the sarcophagus for as long time went one.
Chapter 5: UAC

Doomslayer's eyes flung open. He look at the different world around him. His hands are pathetically chained. Doomslayer ripped them open and got out of the dreaded tomb.

"Where am I?" Doomslayer saw three familiar letters after asking this: UAC.

Doomslayer saw another room up ahead. Walking inside, his Crown was sitting there in the same slab he saw it being locked in.

This place seemed like Hell had struck its might here. And that's not good. Doomslayer tore out the suit from the slab and wore it once more...

As the last Imp died, he got on an elevator, hoping to reach the surface. As the elevator started to ascend, a voice filled the whole platform. Doomslayer didn't listen... Except for one peculiar bit.

"Everything we did was for the betterment of mankind..."

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Er fand sich in einem kleinen, geschlossenen Raum wieder. Keine Tür, kein Fenster, nicht einmal ein Lüftungsschacht. Nur ein einsamer Schalter in der Wand direkt vor ihm. Dem Mutigen gehört die Welt, dachte er bei sich, und was blieb ihm schon anderes übrig? Entschlossen schlug er mit der flachen Hand auf die Schaltfläche. Nun hob sich der Boden des kleinen Gelasses und beförderte ihn langsam nach oben...

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Eris Falling said:

Voice of Morgan Freeman: John Stalvern waited...

...the titty sprinkles above him blinked and sparked out of the air.

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Tetzlaff said:

Er fand sich in einem kleinen, geschlossenen Raum wieder. Keine Tür, kein Fenster, nicht einmal ein Lüftungsschacht. Nur ein einsamer Schalter in der Wand direkt vor ihm. Dem Mutigen gehört die Welt, dachte er bei sich, und was blieb ihm schon anderes übrig? Entschlossen schlug er mit der flachen Hand auf die Schaltfläche. Nun hob sich der Boden des kleinen Gelasses und beförderte ihn langsam nach oben...

Doomguy: wie er in die Welt kam.

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Yes, that was the intention ;-) I actually threw in quite a lot of references in there, also some really oldschool Doom ones (I mean really old stuff, from Unofficial Doom FAQ still). I always wondered if someone could find them all.

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-Doom 64-

Darkness. Silence. Pain. The marine found himself in a small chamber surrounded by walls carved out of dripping stone. He painfully pulled himself back onto his feet, the gravel crunching beneath his boots. The Final Outpost was complete chaos, he was nearly overwhelmed by the hordes of undead UAC personnel and those....things whose nebulous origins was beyond imagination, beyond understanding. Things that should not be.

The marine knew he was no longer on Mars, he was sure of that. He stepped through the portal that was guarded by those goat-legged abominations, it was a doorway into their world. The miasma invaded his sense of smell nearly causing him to choke, and the heat of the environment greeted him even in the darkness.

The marine entertained the notion that his fate was tied with the creatures themselves, that perhaps he was forever doomed to dance with them. He first encountered the nightmare hordes on the martian moon of Mars, Phobos. Creatures that were inadvertently let into our plane of existence by the Union Aerospace Corporation. The very same things had invaded the Earth and nearly won, but the marine was able to vanquish the eldritch titan, the goat of the woods with a million young, the Icon of Sin as some had called it. But it didn't stop there.

The marine pushed the thought aside as he illuminated the chamber with his flashlight. A grinning gargoyle face greeted him, it's stony eyes staring at him. The marine placed his palm against it and pushed, it was a button that painfully lowered the dripping chamber walls. The other side of madness was revealed to him. He found himself in a courtyard. Massive cyclopean pillars surrounded him...a phlegmy roar startled him. Standing atop the nearest pillar was a hulking flabby beast with horns and tusks and angry green eyes. It's leathery skin oozed with oily liquid and shimmered under the strange red and black swirling sky. It jumped down onto the ground, nearly knocking the marine off of his feet. Both of it's arms ended not in hands, but massive UAC fusion cannons. The marine encountered these creatures before, a terrible aberration, a fusion of flesh and metal. The marine screamed as he shouldered the mach 3 Phased Plasma gun, his scream was answered by three more of those lumbering cybernetic shamblers.

"This is even simpler" he muttered to himself as he launched a torrent of ionized plasma spheres at this enemies.

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I got a new one!
[Nature's Call Mod]

Doomguy has finally been cornered by the hell spawn. All his weapons are broken from use and he doesn't have any ammo left either. Locked in a room with no way out, he wonders if this is it for him. Suddenly he sees a weird burger. It was glowing with a demonic aura. He know it is a horrible idea to eat random hell burgers but what has he got to lose? He eats it and suddenly doesn't feel so good.

He took a leak and realized it was deadly acid. He now had a weapon against the demons. He killed the demons by his enhanced bodily fluids (and also solids). Some of them blew up. Others ran around in panic until they died.

By the time the effects of the hell burger wore off, he had slayed an entire army of hell spawn. He Acquired his more conventional weapons like his Shotgun, Chaingun and the Pistol. Now he can continue the journey through hell.

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Who wants me to make one on HDoom >:) just say it, and I'll whip one up.
[Brutal Doom]

That stopped me in my tracks. I quizzically looked at the offending posture of Doomguy. Having not known what a disgusting human phrase that was, I just thought to myself.

"What does that mean?", I pondered at this question. Next thing I know, I'm cocking my head, trying to see if looking at it from a different angle, helps me understand... Oh.

"Outrage!", I bellowed at Doomguy. With a single command, I set my cybernetic launcher to Turbo. He won't live to see another day.

But Doomguy begged to differ. His strength, indeterminable. His speed, incalculable. His sanity, beyond repair. Being the gigantic, straightforward brute I was, I, in layman terms, don't give a fuck. My rockets are faster now, and nothing would stop them from hitting Doomguy. But Doomguy, begged to differ.

He wouldn't stop dodging my rockets. The only thing that I received were his bullets from that puny minigun, and his maniacal laughter with each bullet. No, I have to destroy him for that heinous crime.


My health is in severe condition. I'm now running on backup power. Doomguy looks like he has no limit of his energy. As a desperate attempt, I try to hide behind the pillars. Maybe lure him in close enough to stomp him. That might work.

I took a small peek, and see that Doomguy is not here. Within a second, I instantly turn around, launcher raised... Nothing. Where did he go?

With a big thud, I stand out in the open, scanning for that miscreant... There he is. Doomguy ran towards me, and I'm throwing a nonstop vollley of rockets in his way. YES! One of the rockets hit that bastard.

I went in for the kill, hoping to stomp his body into Pinky food. As I got closer to him, Doomguy suddenly rose up, a bloody grin meeting my wires. A rocket launcher aimed right at my guts.

With insane laughter, the rockets penetrated me delicate wires. My systems lost power. Stability, gone. My hands and feet bubbled as the after effects came in: an explosion of me.

Doomguy moved on. Who knows where, I'm dead. Maybe our Icon can exterminate him for me. Not my problem, not anymore.

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Doomguy stomped around the space martian marine man space man science marine base with stomp and smashy footstepple. He get into kitchen of res ops factory and saw and ugly see on the big football tv.

"taht was it all true there are demons in a here ha!" said the grandma as she did the satan rituals Doomguy shotted at her picture because he came from midevil times so he din't know what tvs were only guns and kill and touchscrins. Theb an possersed solder guy came out of the jungle gym and made a sandwich

"here have a sandwich HA HA THAT WAS A TRIC K I AM AWLAYS EVIL"

But he didn't have a th ny aeyes so he could'nbrt see that Doomguy was not gfooled. Dpp,guy punched with tremandoul smackslap to crinkley demon man's head and his body exploded like a shark that came up from the deap see too fast and that was much end of him.

"I do not eats with the food I eat with KILL" said Doomguy as he kill the demon who was half cloth half meat and absblorbned his glowyeys

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Jaxxoon R said:

Doomguy stomped around the space martian marine man space man science marine base with stomp and smashy footstepple. He get into kitchen of res ops factory and saw and ugly see on the big football tv.

"taht was it all true there are demons in a here ha!" said the grandma as she did the satan rituals Doomguy shotted at her picture because he came from midevil times so he din't know what tvs were only guns and kill and touchscrins. Theb an possersed solder guy came out of the jungle gym and made a sandwich

"here have a sandwich HA HA THAT WAS A TRIC K I AM AWLAYS EVIL"

But he didn't have a th ny aeyes so he could'nbrt see that Doomguy was not gfooled. Dpp,guy punched with tremandoul smackslap to crinkley demon man's head and his body exploded like a shark that came up from the deap see too fast and that was much end of him.

"I do not eats with the food I eat with KILL" said Doomguy as he kill the demon who was half cloth half meat and absblorbned his glowyeys

I am going to Fiverr to have this professionally voice acted. I read it out loud myself and I was in stitches.

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How about this gem from last year~

One day Doomguy went to the supermarket to buy some milk but on the way got ran over by a bus but it was E1M8 he was transported to hell before he died. Then he went to shot the Nazi but it didn't work and he missed. Therefor he had to go to the supermarket in hell instead to get milk but they had ran out of dairy free so he had to go to somewhere else. So Doomguy asked for directions to Walmart but ultimately couldn't find it because the Imps gave him the wrong information and lead him to B&Q but they don't sell milk. So then he went to a deserted desert and asked the cactus fairy but the cactus fairy isn't real like Santa Claus.
When he went back to hell he asked the Mastermind and she said I have some milk you can have so Doomguy milked the Mastermind till she gave him lots of buckets of milk and then he had a happy ending.

The moral of this story is don't do drugs because they will fuck you up till you have wet dreams about Cyberdemon ass.

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I did the HDoom.
[Before Doom 2016]
Doomslayer looked at his comrades. The Night Sentinels were ready to unleash their fury once more. Their swords gleamed from the radiant heat of lava flowing everywhere. They had come so far. Battalion after battalion, Hellspawn suffered its fate in an endless cycle. The Citadel lay ahead, closed off from foreign enemies.

He raised his fist, a sign to get ready. The massive gates creaked as it started to open. Doomslayer watched intently, looking for the right moment. A Baron came out, watching the horizon. Watching us.

Doomslayer knew it saw him. The Barons have always had this grudge against Doomslayer. They would make sure everytime they met, Dooomslayer would die. Poor sods don't give up, do they.

The Baron just stood there. Something's not right. Doomslayer put up his palm, telling them to hold on. In a matter of seconds, Hell unleashed.

Barons flew out of the open gate, too many to count. Doomslayer charged, the Night Sentinels running with him. Their swords cut through any Baron that came in their way. Doomslayer had no sword. His mission was to take the Crucible away from Hellspawn. He only needed his hands to do the job.

Doomslayer pounced on a Baron. It stood in his path, had to be done. A mighty punch to the face ending with a massive stomp on its skull, and it was gone. They never learn. Doomslayer kept running. He had to get inside the Citadel. Hell shall fall.

As the world progressed on with the slaughter, Doomslayer got knocked down. Unacceptable. He stood up, and saw the Baron that stopped him. More Barons were homing in on Doomslayer. Two Sentinels rushed to aid Doomslayer, but he didn't need any.

Doomslayer grabbed the Baron by his neck. The Barons crawled towards his feet, trying to grab him. Some even dared to throw their plasma. He raised his fist, ready to deliver the deafening blow. But somewhere from the Citadel, Hell brought out the Crucible. A blinding light shook the ground. The Sentinels were gone. The Barons were gone. Doomslayer lived on.

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Here's my take on HDoom
[HDoom Mod]

Doomguy having lost all his weapons in Hell again, breathed an annoyed sigh. Losing all his weapons has become something that happens every so often.

He wonders around a hell fortress looking for something to kill demons with when suddenly, he finds a stash of "toys". "What the heck is all this about?" Thought Doomguy. These seem to be made using Demon tech, like the Complex weapons he uses from time to time when he finds a stash of them in his travels. Seeing these demonic toys, a thought crossed his mind. "Do demons have genders?"

He has killed a lot of demons but he can't think of one that looked feminine. He sort of figured the demons had only one gender. "Now that I think about it, I guess the PE and the IoS may be female. They spawn other demons so there's that. I wonder-"

His train of thought is cut short by a feminine voice. He turns around to see something he never thought he would. A female imp. "That answers that question" thought Doomguy. As the imp started throwing fire balls at him, he shot it down with his pistol on reflex.

"Wait, I don't have a pistol." Doomguy thought. Doomguy realized that he had shot the imp with one of the toys he found. The imp was overwhelmed by it and had fainted. "So that's what those things do."

Upon closer inspection, he realized that the female imp wasn't as ugly as he would have originally thought.

Two more female imps soon rushed in. Doomguy shot them down the same way he did the first. One of the two was not as overwhelmed as the other. She was on her knees shaking. Doomguy had a lot of frustration built up inside of him over the years he spent wondering Hell. Hell's magic kept him from aging so he had no idea if he had spent 5 years or 500 in Hell. Because how rarely he saw female hell spawn, he realized that he probably isn't going to get another chance like this. He's already in Hell so what does he have to lose? He moved in closer to the imp and decided to have his way with her.

After "using" her to relieve some of his built up frustration, he heads toward the next room. As he looks back at the 3 unconscious imps, he hears more feminine voices coming from deeper in the fortress. Doomguy grinned. "This isn't the end. It's only the beginning."

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"Sergeant, listen up. Operation Savior was a bust. All of our men are either off the radar or have sided with the enemy. We've tried an all-out air strike on the spaceport, but it seems like they're growing larger every time we hit them...

I would tell you to bail, but based on your... illustrious... history on Phobos you seem like you can make it through and shut the forcefield down. There's a server room that would make a perfect entryway right near your downed chopper. If you can make it through there and into the underhalls, you can worm your way through the spaceport and straight to the switch. I would recommend arming yourself, though. These demons are tougher than ever, and I guarantee they're not like anything you've seen before.

Stay frosty, Cartwright."

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It was about time Doomanguy had shotgunshells or pistol bullet ammo to put into his chambered firing stick. He had grown tired and weary from rip tearing apart countless fleshy demons, dirty brown imps and even his own fellow former human zombie soldiers. Wit-hout ammonition he (or she) had to pound the fists in over-and-over until the monsters screamed with fear that they were being kilt.

The more shotgun shells Goomarine was able to use them like baseballs and bat them at his foes with the butt of the shotgun. In his past life he was a baseball star as a kid. His friends called him slugger because he used to lick slugs for the entertainment of his buddies. The shotgun was broken or jammed, Doomguy didn't know which but he knew he didn't want to club the monsters with all his mite.

It didn't work though monsters just laughed at him and pointed at his week tactics. Pinky demon men snickered. Dirty brown imps rmfao on the ceiling because imps can anti gravity cling to ceilings cuz they're from Hell on Mars.

When Doomer run out of shells he was left to punch the meaty enemonsters. His (or her) fists went in through the back of heads and out mouths. then thore off their jaws in one quick second. It look so powerful because with berserker drugs it made the muscles bigger and veiny. Uppercuts took off heads of tall goat men. Feet brutally stomped through hades and the floor under with one brutal stomp.

Without warning thats when Doomarine woke up in bed clutching his furry bunny. Twas all a dream. Or was it? It was, but the other marines were standing above him laughing at his horrible nytemares and his hand was in water so he wet the bed. He then tore off his own head and revealed he was really an archvile which was a girl and murdered everyone but then felt sad because there wasn't anyone left to murder.

The end for now.

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VonHootie02 said:

Doom 5016: No Rest for the Final Hell on 64 Earths

I'll take the challenge.

With Hell on Earth averted once again, our ultimate hero Doomguy looked at his vortex calibration device located on his belt buckle. With a sigh and a grunt he could see this was only the fourth Earth he had saved. It had taken more than three thousand years on his own to clear out every imp, close every portal and mutilate every towering cyberdemon.

Doomguy stood in front of the red portal once again and calibrated the device for 0-0-5. Most people would hope this next Earth would be their own, but Doomguy knew that he could never stop.

The red swirling mist pulled him in and sent his body hurtling to the next planet Earth that had been Hellvaded by demons. He was spat out through the titanium circle and tumbled on the ground once more. Once Doomguy regained his composure he took his shotgun off the ground and looked back to the massive portal that had brought him through to the fifth Earth.

On this Earth, the structure was destroyed. With the ring ruined, Doomguy would have to rebuild it and hope that there would be enough titanium, wires and magical Hellnology to rebuild the portal so he could rid the next Earth. That overwhelming task would be the desert for a job well done for annihilating Hell from this new Earth.

Defeating foes from the four previous planets meant that this fresh terrain had three thousand years of entrenched damnation. With everyone dead on the previous three, there was little hope to ever find another living soul, but to Doomguy that only meant he had to continue killing rather than saving. There was no decision between friend or foe, there was only twisted beasts, monsters and half mechanized demons.

The portal chamber was already infested with an overpopulation of imps. Doomguy had only brought a hand full of shells that were scattered on the floor. It was all he had left from the insane carnage on fourth Earth. Without enough shotgun shells to pierce through the skulls of his opposition, most would give in. They would take off their helmet and breathe in the toxic, sulfur atmosphere and let sweet death take them in its fiery embrace.

The mechanized green suit of armor that keeps Doomguy alive. Scientists have called it one of the finest pieces of technology the Union Aerospace Corporation has ever created. With the armor on, Doomguy cannot age because it recycles and purifies his blood. There is no need for sleep, food or rest. The suit is powered by green shards that seem plentiful when everyone is dead. Politicians from Doomguy's native Earth had argued that with the suit on, the wearer ceases to be human, but in a dire crisis such as Hell spawn conquering sixty-four universes, it was either give up your humanity to fight for it or die like the rest.

Dozens of shadowy brown figures clamped down on Doomguy. Sever dropped from the shrouded ceiling while others hissed from the walls. Glowing yellow eyes and red volcanic ash let Doomguy count their staggering numbers. This was only the first mere room as if designed by some sadistic nerd knowing no one could ever survive. The lone warrior was perhaps the first human this planet had seen in generations.

Doomguy reached down to the floor and grabbed a mere shotgun shell off the ground as the imps continued to drop like rain. Fuck this final Hell and all its minions.

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Russell stepped through the airlock, fresh pinky guts still on his boots. He tried using his yellow keycard on the door ahead of him, but it was locked.

A microphone sounded, "Hello? Who's there?" A pause, then "Stikes, check the cameras."

Another human? Russell thought. But command said everyone was dead.

The airlock opened, and Russell was greeted by two marines armed with shotguns. Russell put his hands up.

"No, listen, I'm human!" Russell said.

"That's exactly what a zombie would say!" one of the marines replied.

"Wait a minute!"

A young, disheveled man with a Kevlar vest tightly shoved over a lab coat pushed through. "He's a survivor, he... Wait a minute..."

The man squinted at Russell. "What's your name?"

Russell was a little surprised. He had been referred to by his rank for so long that it was strange for someone to ask for his name.

"Russell Cartwright, sir."

The man's eyes widened. "Oh, no way! This is the Phobos marine!" He gestured to the marines, also in shock, to lower their weapons and they complied.

"Ah, yes, Russell Cartwright! Sorry I didn't recognize you, one of my contacts fell out. You're a legend, man. When this whole thing started we were wondering what you were doing."

Russell replied, "Oh, yeah, that's a long story. After I got back to Earth, they put me in charge of defense strategies against the demons, although I didn't think of the mass evacuation. This whole operation has been a mess."

"Tell me about it." The man put his hand out and Russell shook it. "I'm Carl. I used to be Head Assistant Technician here, but after the Head Technician died I took his place." He pointed to each of the marines. "That's Stalvern, Stikes, Auburn, and Johanssen. We've been camped out here ever since the first strike on the spaceport. Knocked the power out across the whole facility. I managed to restore power in some parts, though the others have been lost to the demons. Come over here."

Carl led Russell to a large computer terminal in what seemed like a control room. Carl typed something on the keyboard and a large map of the facility, not unlike the automap tech Russell had been using, popped up.

"Here is where I've restored power." Carl swooped his finger over most of the underhalls and tunnels Russell had gone through. The restored power allows us to monitor and control most of the facility up to here. We've been watching you through the cameras, but we had no idea who or what you were. Thankfully, you cleared out most of the demons, so that means we can get out of here!"

"Why didn't you leave earlier?" Russell asked.

"We're very low on ammunition and men. We had sent scouts through with cameras to see if they could clear a way and avoid demon hordes. They were totally unprepared for that... brain-spider thing. One of the scouts took our only plasma rifle, so we had no chance of escaping until the creature wandered out of the Crusher. Now that its dead, we have a fighting chance!"

Russell thought about the mission he had. Should he hightail it with Carl and his crew, or shut down the forcefield holding humanity hostage?

"Carl," he said wearily. "I can't go."

"What?!" Carl exclaimed.

"Listen," the marine named Johanssen said. "I've seen what happens out there." He pointed toward the exit. "Without Carl's night light, those demons will get everything they get their claws on and twist it into Hell on Earth. I don't care if you've gone to Hell and back- demons and Earth's weapons are a nasty combination. You won't survive out there."

Russell did have his doubts. Those rocket-skeletons he fought seemed pretty lethal, and if there were more demons like that he had a slim chance of survival. But if he did die, he'd die fighting, not running.

"I'm going anyway." Russell said, "because I have people to save." Russell realized just how dumb that sounded, but nobody seemed to care.

Carl sighed and Johanssen mumbled something under his breath. "Fair enough." Carl said. "I'll show you what little I know about the road ahead.

He highlighted an area close to the control room. "I performed a scan on this area, and this place is loaded with demons. Big demons. It seems like they're guarding something important, like an entryway Maybe that'll help you."

Carl pressed a button on the keyboard and the exit airlock opened. "Godspeed. I know you can do it."

"Godspeed to you too, Carl." Then, something clicked in Russell's head. "Wait a minute!"

He fished into his backpack and brought out a plasma rifle and a few batteries. "I found this in the Crusher, by the Spider. I think it belongs to you."

Carl's eyes were wide with joy. "Thank you so much!"

Russell nodded, and turned towards the door.

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Is it narration if characters are speaking like a script?

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I'm not sure but I don't think it is.
However, I also don't think anyone cares so if you want to tell a story in a script form, go for it.

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Indeed it looked like the cacodemon had been pregnant when John Q Spacemarine had killed it with a chaingun. Having a heart, John dove into the caco's birth chute to pull out the babies one-by-one.

Under normal circumstances, anyone foolish enough to even pet a cacodemon would probably release an electrical discharge. One can only assume this is for defensive purposes as cacodemons have no flesh, only horrific, twisted read meat like your gums turned inside-out. When the body is assumed dead, there goes its need for self preservation.

The first baby John pulled out had a hole through it. The second did too. If only his aim had been worse, but he was trained to kill to save lives. The spacemarine continued to dig in further to rip and tear babies out of the corpse.

There must be one still alive to be making the noises from inside. By the fourth one, John thought he had made a good choice that day to bring his combat gloves. Whether ripping and tearing or delving into a pregnant cacodemon, they did it all.

It was the sixty baby that was the lucky one. The heart was still beating, even with its cycloptic green eye closed. The ball of red exposed flesh purred to be alive. John wondered without its mother could he teach a cacodemon to be good? Could John use this cacodemon to infect the others with kindness, goodwill and friendship to all mankind? Well what remained of mankind. It had been so long since the spacemarine had seen another living person.

With a belch discharge of electricity from its mouth, the baby cacodemon opened up its green eye to look at John. The spacemarine said nothing to it, but he knew in his heart that this baby would be his new friend in a land devoid of happiness. The baby's mouth had a single sharp tooth on the upper half. Enough to bite through a tomato if it wasn't cannibalism to a cacodemon.

The fleshless red orb began to take flight. Then its body slowly tilted backward unable to control itself. John took the baby under his wing. One hand on the newborn demon, the other hand on his shotgun.

When John stood up again the mother's corpse shifted and shuttered. She was still alive and opened her eye to see her newborn, before she closed it again forever. One of her offspring would live on. John would be its protector. In John's own mind he felt that if a cacodemon had arms it would have gave him a thumbs up, but alas, only Pain Elementals are the only hovering mutant creature with appendages.

The spacemarine pet the squishy baby and carried it with him forever.

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Zulk-RS said:

That seems like the prequel to "pet the cacodemon"

Something had to challenge me. I'm not sure there's been a fan fiction about a baby creature. Then again someone will prove me wrong.

I'm up for taking challenges.

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DOOM: Repurcussions of CyberBullying
John Stalvern waited. The lights above him blinked and sparked out of the air. There were demons in the base. He didn't see them, but had expected them now for years. His warnings to Cernel Joson were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway.
John was a space marine for fourteen years. When he was young he watched the spaceships and he said to dad "I want to be on the ships daddy."
Dad said "No! You will BE KILL BY DEMONS"
There was a time when he believed him. Then as he got oldered he stopped. But now in the space station base of the UAC he knew there were demons.
"This is Joson" the radio crackered. "You must fight the demons!"
So John gotted his palsma rifle and blew up the wall.
"HE GOING TO KILL US" said the demons "I will shoot at him" said the cyberdemon

But something was different! The demons weren't overjoyed at the sight of the behemoth, and John wasn't ready to kill him, they were.. They were all laughing at him!

"He looks like a fucking rock troll!!" Said the imps

"Huhuhu look at that dumbass!" Said the Archvile

"And I thought I was fat" Said the Mancubus. "You are fat dumbass" Said the pinky. "Yeah but he looks like 2 million pounds"! "Mancubus, you are 2 BILLION pounds." "Shut up pinky pie >:("

4 rivers of tears ran down the ogre's face as the demons, and John (who is now a zombie), all laughed at the hunchback. "Why do you all hate me ::( " roared the cyberdemon

"Because you're ugly!!" Said the hell knigh. "Look whose talking butt-face" snorted the baron. "Hey fuck you turd sniffer >B(" then all the demons fought eachother while the cyberdemon ran home.

Back at the Tower of Babel, the cyberdemon lies on the floor crying, too fat to shoot the lost souls who fly above him and mock his appearance, he then decides life is too much for him. He begins to raise his canon arm into his mouth when he hears "NO STOP"

The cyberdemon turns to see executive producer of the new doom(tm) Marty Sratton running to his rescue.
"What do you want", "I've come here to tell you that you have too much to live for! Besides you'll only be revived by an Arch-Vile to be made fun of even more." "But why is life worth living for when you live in misery, I know what I must do know, I must kill them all, even those fucking ogres!!" "No cyber, you are the ogres."

The snarky comment makes the cyberdemon loose it, he then commits suicide. But alas he is in hell, so he can't really die.

He now walks the earth, teaching children about the dangers of cyberbullying, along with Steven Sagal, Ronald McDonald, Tobuscus, and that one dude from Breaking Bad. But one day all the children laugh at him, so he kills them. The sudden outburst of evil causes him to loose like a shit ton of pounds, the harvesting of the children's souls cause him to get super fucking shredded as well. "HEAVEN YEAH, IM GONNA RETURN TO HELL AND SHOW THOSE CYBERBULLIES WHOSE BOSS.

He then returns to hell to show those cyber bullies whose boss, much to his dismay, he sees all the demons (minus the mancubus, who died of diabetus) all large, fat, and hunched. " What the full happened here!!" "Being fat is the new cool here in hell, gtfo meat head." Said the demons. "I WILL SHOOT AT YOU" Said the cyber demon, but the ceiling fell and they all died, but they were like resurrected and shit, also they were all given perfect bodies, minus the cyberdemon, who now looks like a halo grunt. The end.

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