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A Doom themed short story I wrote at 4 AM

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The Tower

You enter a small, square room, a column with buttons in the center and green bricks making up the structure. After all you endured on Phobos and what you have experienced so far on Deimos, you think you're prepared for whatever Hell is ready to throw at you next. You take a look around and you lay eyes upon a frightening display: a tortured, mutilated corpse. A horrible chill runs down your spine as you realize that it is the same monstrosity that greeted you as a pair at the exit of Phobos: a Baron of Hell.The demon's lower jaw, left leg,left hand,and right arm are ripped off.It's guts are also scooped out as well. It wasn't just that one, it was four of them, one on each wall of the room. You briefly wonder how such a powerful demon could be made to look like such a weakling.Fearful, you push the button on the column in the center of the room. Steps rise up and you take them to open the door decorated by the gruesomely mutilated demon.You see one burning skull hovering toward you, much like the ones you've dealt with in the past. You dispatch it with your shotgun just as it starts to charge, no hits taken. There are boxes of rockets around the area, as well as a rocket launcher on the ground. Following the crackle of bones as it is blown to pieces, you hear a blood curdling roar that echoes throughout the area, followed by the sound of loud machinery. You pick up the rocket launcher and tuck it away just in case. You walk past a pillar in the field, only to find,standing in front of you,something truly vile... A devastating demon towers over you, an ungodly bondage of flesh and machine, with a cybernetic right leg... and a devastating rocket launcher replacing it's left hand. It doesn't look like it's leaving you off easy here. You run as fast as you ever could as it begins to fire rockets from it's robotic hand. Two rockets miss, and the third hits a pillar just as you run around it. More flying skulls appear... You kill them with little to no struggle much like the first one. You almost miss the fights you had against possessed soldiers and Barons of hell back on Phobos. You hide behind a pillar as the clack of hard metal on the ground becomes louder with each step, only telling how much closer the vile beast gets. You pull out your rocket launcher and get ready to step out into what is possibly the most brutal battle you will ever fight... You have entered the Tower of Babel, the domain of the Cyberdemon... and he is not welcoming you with open arms.

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