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Need Doom 3 mods for Opencoop

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Planing on playing Doom 3 Opencoop Alpha with some friends this weekend on LAN.

We'd like to play COOP with these mods:

resolution mod to support 16:9
flashlight on weapons mod
some improved texture mod
infinite stamina mod
no gib or some kind of hard gib mod

With these mods Doom 3 Opencoop would be very attractive indeed.

I know where to get these mods or similar to them, but the problem is: you can only activate one mod at a time and in original Doom 3 only, because Openicoop is already a mod, and you can't activate a mod in a mod!

How do you set up multiple mods working without activating them in the menu, but rather having them as pk4 files in your base folder so that when you launch Opencoop they would work instantly?

I know there must be some old Doom 3 veterans here lurking who know what i am talking about. Perhaps some of you remember me from old Planetdoom forums back in 2005/2006..?

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I don't have all the mods, but you can just simply throw the .pk4's to one folder and add command to the doom3.exe shortcut "+set fs_game [mod folder]" (in my case "+set fs_game cyb").
Doom 3 will launch all the mods in that folder.

Or you can add bunch of "+set fs_game" to launch multiple mods (Don't know if that works however).

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