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Doomlauncher broken....

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Doomlauncher seems not to be working for me, when trying to check the ID archive I get

"There was an error retrieving data from ID games"

I'm getting this on my home machine, and have also tried today at work and am getting the same thing. Problem started a few days ago so I presume something has changed at the server end.....

Is there an updated version to fix this? (currently on



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Yeah somethings appears to be very wrong. I will take a look at it soon.

OK so really quick it looks like the latestfiles action is currently broken its throwing a mysql error. When you open the tab in Doom Launcher using the latest files action:


Typing a search into the box will yield the expected results without error.

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Things look okay to me. Is the new "username" field in reviews ruining something?

What was wrong?

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